Message of July 11 2023

Message of July 11 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of July 11 2023

Message of July 11 2023-  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

Raise your voice with great love

 The angel Gabriel says, “My dear son, you have been given the great mysteries of heaven to see deep within the souls of God’s children and to see deep within the mysteries of the universe of all humanity.

Take this light and let it be your sword to battle the darkness, to battle in the night and to stand tall in the day for you have not been forsaken, and you shall not be.”

‘Father, I thank you. Allow me to see as your desire. I thank you. Take me in love this day and fill my heart with the eternal gift of hope to be only light and love, to do all things in love for your children.’

 Gabriel says, “My son, the Word is love and the Word is light. All that you must do is receive and raise it for the hearts of the people.

Yes, raise your voice with great love.

And today we can begin taking one question of the desires of the hearts of the people, and God shall answer you.”

‘I love you, angel.’

Carry the torch of the word of God of your messages

 The angel Gabriel now says, “Yes, I am present with you and my wings of light desire to embrace you, to shield you, to guide your footsteps according to the ways of God’s mercy and love.

Listen to my heart, my son, and keep your heart focused on the Lord. Listen to the heart of my words being instilled within you from the light, and the throne, of heaven. Listen to all that I desire to give you.”

‘My angel, carry me within your wings each day and protect me, with the intercession of Saint Michael and Raphael, from all evil, that I may only do good.

 Father, that you may pour your graces and blessings upon me, expand my territory, keep your hand upon me and protect me from all evil, that I may not cause others harm. For the light that is within me is greater than any darkness that is in the world and you have called us to be lights, dear Father.

 O holy light, O holy Angel, carry me throughout the earth and may my feet be planted before the throne of heaven, and may my heart always cry for mercy in my pride, and in my weak, sinful nature, that I may grow and rise in the purity and sanctity of love each day.’

“My son.”

I am now having a vision of the angel Gabriel before me, clouded and dressed in white, his wings outstretched and touching the palms of my hands with his wings.

 ‘O holy Angel, why do you do so?’

“For I am instilling within you the eternal light that flows from me from heaven within you.”

‘Dearest Angel, I have been asked questions to serve the people. Will you assist me in answering them?’

“Yes, yes I will. I will assist you in every way to spread God’s words of love with his children.”

‘Angel, it has been so long, in so many ways, and the years go by so quickly since that most important night that you came to me.’

“My son, although the years pass by quickly for you, a day can be 1000 years for our Lord. Do not judge time by human standards, but most importantly, in my presence now, it is as if time never passed.

I know, my child, I know. I am listening to your heart now, where others cannot.

My son, carry the torch of the word of God of your messages, for they are also yours as a gift given to you in love, entrusted to you by love, with the beautiful and gracious responsibility of serving them with others.

Listen to my heart; yes, the heart of these words within you. And each day I shall bring you light.

I love you, Gregory. Do not look to the past. Although you miss your mother, she is with you. You miss your grandparents who were so good to you and the love of your extended family. But they are always with you. Our Lord gave you such fond memories. Take those memories like jewels within your heart to strengthen you when you feel most alone. Because God is with you and God has done great things to you in calling you to be the eternal prophet of his word.

Yes, listen, and we shall provide all that is necessary for you, by grace, to perfect and to guide you.”

May your tongue be loosened by love

 Our Lord says, “My son, in all things, be still in Spirit and be wise, receiving the wisdom and the knowledge of my Spirit to guide you with patience and with love.

Listen to my heart speaking to you, that you may hear as I hear, and that you may see as I see, and that your tongue may be loosened by love to speak according to the ways of my compassion and mercy.

Yes, my dear child, have great love, compassion and mercy in all circumstances, and to let your heart rest in me, in walking in all that I desire to give you. The mercy of my Cross, the mercy of my sacrifice, is for the hearts of my children who are in need.

My child, I have given you all that you need for others, and that is the eternal gift of my word, of these words, for your soul. Call upon the angel Gabriel to intercede and to assist you to spread my messages of love. He is the angel of my word, and he has come to you in the past and he is waiting to assist you. I have granted you the communion of the saints, and that you may call upon each one according to the desires of my heart, that they may help you.”

‘O dear angel, listen to my heart. My heart cries for strength and wisdom for courage and the joy of the hope of the Lord within me, within my being, to consume me. Take me, dear angel, within your wings of light, and carry me to heaven. Across the earth, carry me according to the desires of our Lord and his holy word. I thank you, my Lord, for having brought Gabriel to me. And I love you, Gabriel. What do you desire to share with me at this moment? For my hands and my heart, my arms, are open to receive you.’

The angel Gabriel says, “I am with you and God our Father has called upon me to assist you. Listen to the word of my voice within you, to carry you to heaven each day that this work of holy love in the purity and grace of the heart of God our Father may be fulfilled accordingly.”

Angel, may it be done to me according to the desires of the heart of our Lord.’

“My son,” the Angel continues in saying, “Be still in God’s glory and may his light consume you. May you turn to him in all things and allow he, who is mercy, to fill you with his compassion and joy. The voice of the Lord of the Holy of all Holies is within you. Release yourself to his truth and stand strong with legs of love, with hands raised to heaven in thanks for his glory.”

Carry the torch of this light into hearts

 “My dear child,” says the angel of God’s word, Gabriel, “The light of heaven is with you. It befalls you daily and sanctifies you. Carry the torch of this light into the hearts of God’s children, most mercifully and compassionately.”

‘Father, release my soul, and take all that is within me for you, for the glory of your will, and grant me a greater love each day in every way to stand strong and to rise in hope for your children.’

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