Message of July 1 2023

Message of July 1 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of July 1 2023

Message of July 1 2023-  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

All of creation has importance to me

Our Lord says, “My dear child, all of creation has importance to me, and this is where I desire that your soul be free to walk in the light to receive me with great love and with the joy of observing all that my Father created for his glory and the glory of my children.”

In the union of prayer and the practice of the faith

 Our Lady now says, “My dear child, I desire that you receive my son’s mercy and the gift of his word this day. I desire this for all of my children that they may turn their hearts to him.”

‘Mother, how should they do so?’

 Mother responds, “In the union of prayer and of the practice of the faith. And for those who do not practice faith, I am calling them to conversion, as well as a deeper conversion each day in the loving mercy of the Sacred Heart of my son Jesus and my Immaculate Heart who desires to give all of my children the gifts of faith, hope and love from the heart of God our Father, so that they may grow in faith, hope and love each day.

I love you, my dear child, and all of my children. And I desire to take your hands and lead you within the heart of Jesus, within the heart of his love and mercy.

Yes, all one must do is open their hearts to Jesus and offer themselves as living and true sacrifices of the redemption of the Cross in his mercy that forgives and renews life.”

The beauty of the silence of receiving God

 I am now having a vision of Our Lady and she is levitating, dressed in white, above the beauty of this lake, above the beauty of God’s waters of mercy that he calls us to bathe within each day, to cleanse our souls through the repentance of our sins for greater love for God. And that we may grow in a deeper faith and love for one another.

 Our Lady has her hands open and she is smiling, looking down upon the hearts of the people, the sailboats as they move through the waters, the families, the children united to their parents. And she says,

“My dear child, come to me for I am always with you. And I desire to embrace the hearts of all of my children with great love this day. But so few respond to my call and to the call of my son’s love to share in the mercy of a relationship with him.

Yes, I am calling all souls to a deeper relationship with God through prayer, through opening your hearts, my dear children, in the beauty of the silence of receiving God.

I love you, I love you and I am asking you to respond to the glory of my call to love God and to love one another.”

You are in all things

 ‘My Lord, these vineyards are beautiful, forming their paths to the eternal skies of your love. Thank you for bringing me to them and for bringing me to you in them, for you are in all things. I love you, my Lord.’

 Jesus now says, “Yes, I love you, my son, and I desire to give you great joy this day by opening your heart to me. Come to me, come to the glory of my love and let me fulfill your heart in all things.”

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