Message of January 8 2023

Message of January 8 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of January 8 2023

Message of January 8 2023 – Message of Our Lord Jesus.

Rejoice in the blessings and in the hope of our Father

Our Lord says, “My dear child, may the mercy of my heart guide you in truth and in peace this day by placing your trust in me, my son, in the eternal glory of my light, to hold and to press you upon my heart, that I, your living Savior of the Cross, may lead you in my mercy, for the good of my people.

Rejoice, rejoice and go now. Go, let your heart be glad that my Father is with you. Yes, rejoice in the blessings and in the hope of our Father.”

Father, I pray for the strength and fortitude of a deeper faith and as Our Lady desires, I pray for peace in joy within my heart. Help me to help others in the goodness of your love, help me to help others in the goodness of your peace.’

Jesus says, “Yes, go now and may the love of the light of my Holy Cross redeem you and grant you the strength of my mercy this day.”

Allow me to embrace you from my Cross in the holy confessional

As I was waiting in prayer and preparing to enter the confessional, I had a vision of Jesus on the Cross, the Cross above the altar in which his wound, the wound on his side, began to stream forth blood.

 And then he said, “My dear child, I am waiting in the joy of my mercy to forgive you and all of your brothers and sisters who come to me, in need of my mercy and need of my redemption, to fill you with my light and the strength of seeking my forgiveness.

Yes, the strength of seeking my forgiveness, that brings healing and hope and joy to one’s heart.

Yes, my dear child, come and allow me to embrace you from my Cross in the holy confessional, by seeking to fulfill the sacrament within your heart, a sacrament of love and healing for one soul that shall fill you with the Holy Spirit and making you whole and happy each day.

Yes, my dear child, I love you and I am always waiting for you. Come and take my hand and let me lead you into the joy of the light this d

He is always manipulating with hatred and with disgust

 The scripture says, ‘Do not worry about anything, but pray about everything. Tell God your needs and don’t forget to thank him for his answers.’So, I thank you for your answer sin offering to you all of my needs.

 Yes, God is the only answer. He is our Lord, our life and our light, and his mercy reigns forever and I ask you, Lord, to have mercy upon me, and my brothers and sisters throughout the world who are lost and live in a state of despair.’

Jesus says, “My dear child, Satan desires to bring confusion into all circumstances. He desires to confuse one’s emotions. He desires to weaken one’s faith by not trusting in me, in one’s most difficult or darkest hours. You understand the tactics of the evil one for he desires to destroy all things.

Satan has been attempting to arrange a very complex weave of separation from me. He starts from one point, begins from another and never ends. Yes, he starts at one point and begins at another because he is always manipulating with hatred and with disgust for humanity and my children, a disdain for me, to destroy them.

Listen to my heart because I speak the truth. As heaven and earth shall one day rise and being united, the day of judgment shall come upon the final victory of my second coming and there will be no more suffering. There will be no more strife or tears, and death will no longer conquer life for those who have chosen to love me, their Savior.

Go now and rest, rest in the glory of my love and may the peace of my mercy always enlighten the way.

I love you and I am always with you.”

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I desire you to be joyful in all circumstances

Jesus says, “My dear child, I have awoken you so that you may look to the stars of the night that shall renew your hope in the breath of the fresh air that I have made cold to invigorate and to restore your body, to renew your heart and your mind.

Yes, God our Father uses all things, especially in nature, to renew the heart and to heighten the senses that shall make you more aware of my presence.

Come now. Come, and yes, take my hand,my poor and wounded hand of my crucifixion, that I may restore the richness of life within your heart, to see beyond the goodness, as well as the sufferings, that you have experienced in choosing to love me.

Yes, my dear child, I am not unaware of the sacrifices that you have made even in your weaknesses, that I have called you to greater sacrifices in my love, that I know will produce fruits of joy for your heart.

My son, not even I, the Son of Man, had a place to rest my head and I desire that you be joyful in all circumstances, both in your material blessings provided by our Father to sustain you and in your spiritual blessings to sustain you and not only you, but others.

Give. Give in love. Love with all of your heart and rejoice this day in the love that our Father has given you. Rejoice in all that is good and make good of strife. Transform your sufferings to joy.

I am with you and, yes, take my hand and let me love you. Let me lead you into the eternal mercy of the heart of my Cross, where you may walk with me and I am now waiting.

Yes, within the eternal heart of my Cross, I desire that you rejoice. For the enemy desires to rob your joy. The enemy desires that you not look at me but you look at yourself.

Not you, but God, my son.

Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice.”

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