Message of January 6 2023

Message of January 6 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of January 6 2023

Message of January 6 2023- Message of Angel Gabriel

I am now having a vision of an angel of light, made of pure white light descending from heaven holding a golden sword, the sword of God’s word, pointed to heaven. It is Gabriel, the Archangel, as he once descended from heaven to appear in the same way many years ago holding the golden sword of God’s word.

Oh, holy angel, lead me as you desire and hope for the love of God’s children. Protect me in your merciful peace and may love, his love, he who is love, consume me. What do you desire dear angel? You have been so good and patient with me throughout the years. I deserve nothing. I am unworthy of anything from God.’ And I now bow down before him.

The angel Gabriel says, “My dear child, I have brought you the sword of God’s word to carry within your heart to take it to many lands and to lead you according to the will of our Father.

Yes, you shall go and they shall receive you.”

I am now an old man.’

“No, my son. God has given you youth by his grace and he shall make you strong according to his word that lives and breathes within you. Do not place limits on yourself when God has not done so.

Rejoice. Rejoice, I am with you and I shall be so till the end of time. Give your heart to he who has given his heart to you and rise now, rise each day in gratitude, in love for all that God has done for you.

May the eternal light of the mercy of his Cross lead you and may you receive us within your heart each day to love only him, your Savior, who loves you so dearly and do not forget those who God has promised to you. They shall walk with you in honor and love and gratitude in glory for God to help you, to assist you, in all things.

Humble yourself before the Lord. I once told you that this path shall only be fulfilled through humility and love. Humble yourself for his glory. Humble yourself to serve, to give, to renew hope, so that others who are blind may see, who live in despair, may wipe their tears through the love of our Savior.

Give to me your heart each day and I shall take it to the throne of heaven and offer it to God our Father, for in his merciful blessings for your heart, he has done great things for you and for his people.

Yes, let your heart sing of eternal love. Walk in your path with confidence, encouraged by trusting in he who gave you life. You shall be lead and shall know what to do as you progress within the heart of our Lord.

We love you and we shall always be with you.”

The path of truth shall bring you joy

The angel Gabriel finishes by saying, “The light that is within you shall live forever. Rejoice. Rejoice. Rejoice in all that is good and in what God has done for you. The way of the path of truth shall bring you joy.

Go, go now and give your heart to the people.”

You can be a true friend by loving them

‘Dearest angel Gabriel, I do not know where to go. Lead me according to the Word of God and his promises. I am only a man. It is too much for one man to do.’

Gabriel replies, “My son, only God can fulfill this work. So do not place the focus on what you can or cannot do. Just go, and God will fulfill the rest. Our Father will take you as he desires.”

I do not want to hurt or disappoint anyone. I cannot be everywhere, and it is difficult to maintain all of the relationships of the people who I meet, and also love so dearly.’

The angel says, “My son, you must not be concerned for them. Offer them to God and he shall take care for their hearts. You can be a true friend to them by only loving them.

Let your heart rest now. Let your heart rest in the peace of God’s mercy. Rest and believe that God will renew your hope this night and your strength. Rest in the Lord, your God, and in his mercy and love, he shall protect you.”

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