Message of January 4 2022

Message of January 4 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of January 4 2022

Message of January 4 2022 –   Vision and message from Our Father

My dear sister, I am now having a vision of crystal blue waters of turquoise; they are rising upon me like a path within the sky.

They are now lower to the earth, they are above the earth.

I have never had such a vision and I now ask Our Lord: what does this mean? for I now see schools of fish within the river of water streaming, moving through the sky.

Our Father smiles and says (I don’t see Our Father, he only chuckles): “My dear child, look to the sky, look to your hopes and dreams in Me and I shall fill them. You must continue to seek Me in all that you do and my voice of love for you, that I may guide you in the strength, and in the power of hope  of my mercy and redemption on the Cross.

Do not look to the past, and what you have let go be left to the joy of this present moment.”

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