Message of January 28 2022

Message of January 28 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of January 28 2022

Message of January 28 2022 –  Message from our Lord Jesus

My dearest child, do not look back but allow the mercy of my heart to sustain in joy, the joy and peace of my Spirit, the joy and peace of my hope.

My dear child, in all things walk in love.

Yes, allow my love to consume you and to carry you within my arms of joy to the foot of the cross daily, to repent daily of your sins, and ask in mercy for the whole world. Let your heart sing of mercy, yes, and of the joy of my love that transforms one’s soul through my loving mercy for their hearts to be redeemed and to hope.  

Yes, my dear child, to have hope, the world is in need of hope, tell them not to be afraid but to have hope and to live with joy in the heart of my mercy that calls all souls, that calls every sinner for no man is exempt from the fall of your first parents and I have come to restore grace and hope to this world in need of light.


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