Message of January 24 2021

Message of January 24 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of January 24 2021

Message of January 24 2021 – .Message from Our Lord Jesus

Jesus: My dear child, the world is in need of peace, tell them not to be afraid, to be at peace, to seek peace through the conversion of my love each day, to seek hope and the eternal glory of the light of my Cross, through my passion, death and resurrection.

I came so that they may have Light. I love you and all of my children and through the power of the sacrifice of My Precious Body and Blood, I am offering myself continuously as your Savior on the Cross. I’m calling all souls to repent and to convert, to live their lives in the eternal glory of my peace each day.  I love you, put yourself before my Cross and offer yourself as a living and spiritual sacrifice of love daily. I love you and I’m always with you.

Gregory: Oh my Jeus! I cannot live without You, I love You. If these were the only words that I spoke, it will be enough to say I love You and I desire to only be with You.

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