Message of January 2 2023

Message of January 2 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of January 2 2023

Message of January 2 2023 – Message of Saint Joseph

How could I not trust?

Saint Joseph says, “Yes, my son, I am present. I am present in the love and in the name of my son Jesus to help guide you for the glory of his people and the glory of God, that is eternal and always shall be my son.”

Saint Joseph thank  you for being present with me. Thank you for loving me and calling me your son. I would like to ask you that according to the scripture, the angel of the Lord appeared to you three times in separate dreams and you responded with great faith: with knowing and trusting in the great mystery of God’s divine will to lead you.’

Saint Joseph asks, “Yes, my son, and now, what would you like to ask me?”

How did you know, how did you come to such faith that in a dream, when awakening, you made the choice to flee?’

Saint Joseph replies, “My son, I have heard your heart and I have listened to your cry. I knew because I believed, I trusted, in the mercy of God to lead his people through the prophets of old. I then trusted in God to lead me and Mary back to the promised land of Israel where I knew that we would be kept safe.

Yes. It was not easy, my son, that I should leave my land to enter Egypt. But through God’s signs of mercy and wonders, I believed: first in the dream of the angel announcing the birth of Jesus through Mary and that I should take her as my entrusted spouse, which was my first confirmation of hope for the birth of Jesus, for the birth of the Messiah through the eternal virgin, Mary my spouse, for the salvation of God’s people. How could I not trust?

Then in the apparitions of the second and third dreams, it was God speaking to me, to guide me and to keep me safe.

The days thereafter in Nazareth were peaceful as we raised Jesus in preparation for his work and life to be fulfilled in offering his life for the love of God his Father and for all of humanity.

How did I know? Now the question is, ‘How could I not know?’My son, as his children, we must start trusting God and believe in the miracles and wonders of the signs that only God can fulfill.

Yes, rise this day to receive and share the wonders that God is giving you for his children. You may share this message, my son, with my people, especially for those who have been so devoted to me and trusting in me as a good father to Jesus and my spouse, to the eternal bride of God, the holy virgin, Mary.”

I love you Saint Joseph and I consecrate my heart to you with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Thank you for coming to me. And thank you for loving me.’

Saint Joseph says, “My son as Jesus appears to you in the night to offer you his hand, take his hand. Take it and let him lead you. Trust, thank God who will take care for you, as I trusted, as I had to trust.

I love you, my son, and you may call upon mew he never you desire.”


Saint Joseph says, “My dear child my life was not complicated. It was simple because I was a simple man. I desired to remain humble within my heart, devoted to God and to my family, to love them and to support them in the encouragement and courage of the faith in every way.

I am calling all souls to live the simplicity and humility of the faith.

Rest now and take courage, rejoicing in the love that God our Father has for you.”

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