Message of January 15 2023

Message of January 15 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of January 15 2023

Message of January 15 2023- Message of Our Lord Jesus

His heart cries for the hearts of his children, but so few come to him

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our Lord Jesus Christ says, “My dear child, come and allow me to love you.

I desire that you enter my Sacred Heart of love this day, to receive the joy and the mercy of my peace that shall always guide you from within your heart, to walk my path of glory in accordance with the truth of my will.

Yes, my dear child, come and let us sing a new song of love together this day.”

I’m now having a vision of Our Lady. She is dressed in white with a blue mantle. She is holding her right hand to heaven as a sign of honor of the victory of the faith and of hope for God’s children. For within her hand, she bears the wound of the stigmata and rays of white light are coming from her hand to shine upon the earth to shine upon humanity and all who choose her to be their Mother of Grace.

 She now says, “My dear child, I bring the eternal light of the Cross for the power of the faith within the hearts of my children to instill within them my love and the love of Jesus, for his heart cries for the hearts of his children and his heart desires their love so deeply, but so few come to him.

Come now, my dear child, and take my hand and let me uplift you. Let me elevate your soul within my heart this day to carry you within the light of the joy of my son’s heart for our hearts always are united as one together, mother and son, for the hope and for the good of humanity.

Come and let me sing a new song within your heart and may joy always reign through hope within you.”

When one has joy, they also receive the gift of great hope

Our Lady says, “My dear child, let hope reign within your heart through joy for when one has joy, they also receive the gift of great hope within them so that they may rejoice in glorifying God and all that our Father has given them.

Come, my dear child, now, and allow the hope of my son’s mercy to penetrate your soul and to consume you with the life of the Holy Spirit, to take you to new heights of love this day and received the joy of the mercy of his Cross forever.

I love you and I, your mother,am always with you.”

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