Message of January 10 2023

Message of January 10 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of January 10 2023

Message of January 10 2023- Message of Our Lady

If not, then the act of receiving my son is an act of desecration

Our Lady says,“My dear child, how sad I am for my children who do not desire to receive the graces of my son Jesus.

I am asking all of my children to lift up their hearts to this hour of divine grace, when many can be cured of their illnesses and live freely in the light. Why must mankind continue to grieve the Sacred Heart of my son who has given them so much to look forward to, and the gift of salvation?

Peace, peace must reign upon this earth before mankind can be free to celebrate the Eucharist and for peace to reign. The glory of my son’s justice must first reign. That is why I’m calling all souls to live in peace, that the love of my son may conquer all hatred.

Do not deny the love of my son Jesus, for in doing so, all of the power of love is denied, which breaks the bonds of Eucharistic peace. Peace be with you, my child,for I am speaking of the truth for all mankind to partake of the Eucharist, that has no power to heal hearts, if they are not willing to accept the love of my son.

One must receive the Body and Blood, and the power of its gifts, with an open heart of kindness and love before any good can be accomplished. If not, then the act of receiving my son is an act of desecration, not an act of humility and love.

I am saying this so that my children may understand the importance of receiving my son in complete abandonment to his will each day. In doing so, then the act of receiving my son’s Body and Blood is fulfilled and the graces which flow upon them are abundant.

When one receives the will of my son with an open heart of humility, in the spirit of peace, the act of receiving him is complete, in his precious Body and Blood.”

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