Message of February 5 2022

Message of February 5 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of February 5 2022

Message of February 5 2022 – Message from our Lady Mary

My dear child, I am now having a vision of our Lady and she is standing before me, dressed in white, extending her right hand for me to take it, for me to receive her heart and the peace of her Son’s mercy.

She now says: “My dear child, I have come to bring your heart peace to take you within the arms of my son Jesus, that He may hold you in his love and guide you in his mercy this day. Walk amongst men with peace being a bear of hope and peace”.

I am seeing a multitude of men before me; they are souls in purgatory. They’re simply standing there silent.

Oh, dear Mother, what do you desire to share? Why are they present? She now says: “These men represent the souls of men.

They are living purgatory on earth, and they have come to greet you, to unite their hearts to yours in prayer, to assist you in my Son’s mercy, they are souls who have walked through many paths and have stood the test of God’s will.

May your heart always be open to receiving souls according to my Son’s mercy, according to his love. Let your heart be free.

I am always with you, and I love you.

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