Message of February 27 2023

Message of February 27 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of February 27 2023

Message of February 27 2023-  Messages of Our Lord Jesus and Our Lady

Let my hope be your light

I am now having a vision of our Lord. He is standing before me, dressed in white with his hands extended. It is in the beauty of the night stars that he stands and I can feel the wisdom of the Spirit of his soul entering me.

‘Yes, O my Jesus, forgive us of our sins, forgive me my sins and the sins of the whole world. May I always seek to live in the hope of your love each day and may your mercy always fill me with your love.’

 Jesus says, “Rest now and let my hope be your light.”

Do not be preocupied about tomorrow

Our Lord says, “My dear child, I, your Jesus, am with you and through the power of the light of my Cross, I desire to renew your hope and your strength this day for I know this is also your desire.

‘Jesus, may I walk in the clarity, the wisdom, the truth and the discernment of your Spirit. I pray to help all souls that you lead me to.’

Jesus continues, “Yes, my son, I desire to fulfill this for it is not a selfish intention of heart. I know this is your desire. Do not be preoccupied about tomorrow, but fulfill all according to my mercy, this day.

Yes, my dear child, come and let us take you in love, let us take you in the hope of my Spirit, to bring joy to renew hearts and to guide and heal them in my name according to my mercy. I once said, one shall do greater things than I. Trust in this.

Yes, rise in this each day and allow the hope of my love to consume you this night.

Yes, you can now feel the Spirit of my love entering you.”

‘O my Lord, I pray to only want to be with you, to live in the hope of your mercy.

Jesus says, “Come, my child, within my arms and allow me to embrace you in my love.

I am with you and I shall remain with you all of the days of your life.”

See beyond what you see in this world

Mother Mary says, “My dear child, be not afraid, for I, your mother of love, am with you and I have come to bring you peace in the name and hope of my son, Jesus.

Yes, allow the power of the Cross that I now carry within my hand to go before you, to rise strong each day in faith by receiving me and Jesus.

In the night we shall always help you and we shall take you to new heights of love. I want you to see beyond what you see in this world, to come to us in faith and to have a greater faith, to see all of the possibilities that we desire, according to our hearts and the will of God our Father.

Yes, my dear child, allow the eternal light of mercy, of the mercy of Jesus, to be your strength.

I love you and thank you for coming to me. I know that you now feel alone. But you are not alone, and the peace of Jesus, the peace of his heart is with you.

Come and take my head and let me lead you to the joy who is Jesus.”

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