Message of February 24 2023

Message of February 24 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of February 24 2023

Message of February 24 2023 –  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

Why must man continue to deny the Sacred Heart

 I am having a vision of our Blessed Lady dressed in white, holding a crown of three large red roses.

 Mary now says, “Share this vision with your heart, and for the hearts of others.

These roses from heaven, they symbolize faith, faith in the Holy Triune God, who gave himself to heaven and earth as a sacrifice of love for you.

They symbolize the spirit of love fulfilled in the hearts of all men who desire to be called living vessels of the most high God.

They symbolize hope in all mankind who desired to be called children of the light, living in Spirit and glory, for the redemption of souls.

They are love, the love of the Holy Trinity, which brings peace to all men who walk in faith in the Spirit of love fulfilled and hope.”

‘My dear mother, why are you holding them?’

The Lady continues, “That I may offer them to the hearts of all men who desire to receive the living light of my son, Jesus. I pray for the conversion of all souls who have not yet fulfilled his will in living according to the path of salvation, the path of eternal peace which I seek for all of my heavenly children.

Why must man continue to deny the Sacred Heart and the holy heart of my son, Jesus, when he sacrificed all for the sins of mankind?

My mission is a mission of peace, to inaugurate all souls into the body of Christ, that they may be redeemed into the true light of my son’s love. Pray, pray for the conversion of poor sinners who are in need of the freedom of my son’s heavenly graces and love. Pray for all men who are in need of redemption.”

‘What shall I tell your people?’

Our Lady says, “That my son is love, and in him there is nothing but love to offer to all souls who seek him in need.

I pray for all of those who are weary and depressed, who fear and are impassioned with sin. I pray for the redemption of each soul upon earth before the throne of heaven and ask our heavenly Father to give glory to those who believe in him, that he may be glorified in all things eternally.”

Give to me your heart, your only love, the love of your Savior

Our Lord Jesus says, “My dear child, come to me and may the eternal light of my Cross fill your heart with peace this day, the peace of my mercy and the peace of my hope.

Yes, my dear child, peace in all things.

I desire that you rest now in giving your heart to me, your only love, the love of your Savior, a love that should only be sufficient for you throughout your life in your desire to love me and in my call.

Yes, my dear child, listen now to my heart and rejoice in my mercy. Rejoice in all that is good, rejoice in the strength of all you have called to be in me.

I love you and I shall never abandon you. May the eternal power of the light of my Cross consume you at this moment.”

I am now having a vision of Jesus within the heart of his Cross. The Cross is made of the humility of wood, is brown and rich and pure. And within the heart of the Cross, I am having a vision of a large bouquet of simple flowers- Carnations: blue, white and pink, blue symbolizing God’s mercy, white purity and pink joy, there within the Cross, and flourishing from the Cross.

Jesus says, “My dear child, I love you and I, your Jesus, am always with you.”

I shall take you to new shores with new sands

Our Lord says, “My dear child, yes, rest now.”


 I am now having a vision of Jesus. He is walking upon the seashore, as in a previous vision. The night sky is dark and the sand is now brown, rich and fertile, appearing to be like soil, but sand, and wherever he places his footstep, the light comes and the light shines.

 Jesus is smiling and simply says, “Rejoice, rejoice in this day and in my love. I shall take you to new shores with new sands and my love shall reign within you. Allow the hope of my love to sing within you and to bring you peace. Let me lead you upon these shores.”

‘My Lord, I will go where you lead me. Renew my strength and my hope each day, that I may not become weary or afraid, but trust only in you.

 Saint Michael the Archangel, defend me in this day of battle, be my safeguard against the weakness and snares of the devil and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, cast into hell Satan and all of the evil spirits that prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls.

 I love you, Jesus, consume me: heart, mind, body and soul with your love this day.’

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