Message of February 20 2023

Message of February 20 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of February 20 2023

Message of February 20 2023 –  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

Peace to all men who consecrate their hearts to me

Jesus says, “Peace to you and to all men who consecrate their hearts to me and my holy mother.

I have risen to proclaim the Good News to the poor and the weary of heart. Open your heart to receive me in gladness, that my joy may be given to all souls who desire to receive my word.

I am the gift of the Word made flesh for all of humanity to feast upon. I pray that all souls will come to know me before my return. I pray for the conversion of all sinners that they may repent each day at the foot of my Cross where eternal mercy was born.”

Receive his love and mercy through the gift of repentance

Jesus says, “I am with you, come to me, come within my arms of mercy and love.”

Mary says, “My dear child, pray for peace, pray for the peace of poor sinners who do not know the love of my son Jesus. I ask all souls to come to the foot of his Cross, to receive his love and mercy through the gift of repentance.”

Yes, mother, I love you. Thank you for coming to me and filling my heart with the love of your son, Jesus.’

Mother continues, “I am always with you and I respond to you when your heart is open to receiving me. I love all souls and desire to bring them into the heart of my son.

Do not be disturbed by what you see and hear. My son allows you such graces for the uplifting of your soul. Know that he is with you, as I am with you. Trust in our hearts to provide you with what you need. Let me teach you to love better.”

‘Yes, mother, I desire this. Satan attempts to distract my soul in so many ways. I love you. Thank you for appearing to me. Thank you for sustaining me with your motherly love.’

 The angel Gabriel now says, “I love you, my child, and desire to assist you in all that our Lord desires to fulfill in your calling. Love Jesus with all of your heart and in doing so you will be set free, daily, from the burden of sin and have a great joy for receiving him.

Trust in me to guide you to the foot of our Lord’s Cross each day that your soul may be united with all souls that are suffering and in need of conversion.”

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