Message of February 19 2023

Message of February 19 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of February 19 2023

Message of February 19 2023 – Message of Our Lady

Pray for all that they may turn their hearts, convert and trust only in him

Our Lady says, “My dear child.”

‘Mother, ask for forgiveness for my sins in the name of your son Jesus, and the sins of the whole world. Mother, help me to be strong and to be wise and to fulfill your son’s goodness for has he said, “No man is truly good.” I pray for the humility and wisdom to fulfill his will.’

 I am now having a vision of Our Lady. The sky is dark. It is night without stars and she is levitating upon the earth, dressed in white, without a mantle, her hair dark, long. She is Our Lady of Grace, natural in her grace.

 Her hands are raised to heaven in fire. The fire of God’s divine love propels from the wounds in her hands, the stigmata of her son’s crucifixion, and the fire ascends to heaven.

 She now says, “My dear child.”

Mother, I have never witnessed such a vision.’

 Mary continues by saying, “My dear child, nothing is impossible for God. Never give up to believe in all that he has called you to fulfill, and shall fulfill, in and through him, for the glory of our Father in heaven.

Believe my child, believe that nothing is impossible for your God and receive these visions and messages of love for the hearts of my children, as well as your heart, my dear son when it is most in need.

I have come in the name of my son, Jesus, to bring forth only love, and then through him for his glory, and the glory of his children. Pray my dear child, pray for a deeper conversion of faith daily.

Pray for all of my children who are need of my son’s love that they may turn their hearts to him, to convert in faith and to trust only in him, for he is their Savior and their God, although he is denied by so many.

Yes, lift up your heart to the heart of Jesus each day and allow his love to fulfill you for his glory. I know your needs, my dear child, and the needs of my children, and I am interceding for all of your hearts. I cry for the hearts of my children, as they suffer so without Jesus.

If they would only trust in him, they would have a greater peace, to live in peace in all circumstances of their lives. Yet, he is denied.

Do not deny him the power of his Cross and all that he desires to fulfill within you for the love of others. Give your heart to him as a living sacrifice of love each day and do not look to the past. Do not look back, but continue to walk forward according to your path of faith in God’s divine will for your life, my child.

Stand firm and stand tall, and hold high the Cross before you, in the name of the love of Jesus, in the name of the love of the Holy Cross and of the Holy Eucharist that sanctifies through his divine love all souls who desire to receive his love and to receive his heart.

I love you and I am always with you.”

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