Message of February 18 2023

Message of February 18 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of February 18 2023

Message of February 18 2023 – Message of Our Lord Jesus

All that you must do is rise each day and I shall show you the way

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

 I am now having a vision of our Lord. He is holding a staff made of gold. It is the shepherd’s staff, but with a Cross at its tip. There then appears a circle of fire that surrounds the Cross. The flames on the outer edge of the circle are burning with strength and movement. Jesus is dressed in white and the circle of fire is approximately three feet (one meter) in width, although the flames apparently do not burn.

 Our Lord Jesus now says, “My dear child, I carry this shepherd’s staff of your Lord, and eternal shepherd, with a Cross, as it signifies my desire to lead you through the power of the Cross and my eternal victory over sin and death, my eternal victory of light over all darkness.

I am a good shepherd of love, patience, of kindness and mercy. Turn your heart to me in all things and I shall lead you, and rejoice in my love eternally. Come to me always. Come to me in the flame, the circle of fire, that burns so boldly in which the flames are wide at its foundation and strong at their peak signifies the power of the love of the Holy Spirit to work through you. Call upon the Holy Spirit to assist you in all things. Call upon the eternal Spirit of love to guide you according to my will.”

Yes, Holy Spirit, guide me in the everlasting peace, joy and hope, guide me in the love of Jesus each day, that I may rise to give glory to God.’

Our Lord continues, “My son, listen to my heart and rest now, speaking in Spirit to my heart and you shall speak in a way that your soul expresses the purity of all of its needs, to continue to strengthen you in faith and leads you in the hope of my mercy.

Yes, my dear child, sing of my mercy this day and rejoice in all that I have done for you. Sing in the joy and hope of my love that shall elevate your soul, that shall uplift you in gratitude.

Yes, for all that I have done for you through my sacrifice and for all that I have done for your brothers and sisters, to offer them the gift of salvation. I love you; I love each one of you, my dear children. Listen to my heart as it proclaims a new day of love, a new call in your lives to respond to my mercy in the hope that I desire to give each one of you.

Yes, my dear child, all that you must do is rise each day and I shall show you the way. I am waiting for all of my children to return to me, but so few respond.

Listen to my heart and receive my love with great joy, and you shall be happy in living according to my way, in the hope of my word to fulfill your heart each and every day.

I love you and I am with you. I shall never abandon you. Rise this day in the strength of my love.”

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