Message of February 18 2021

Message of February 18 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of February 18 2021

Message of February 18 2021 –  Message from our Lord Jesus

 My dear child: the enemy desires that you be afraid, he desires that you fear and I desire to carry you through this passion in your life and love, in peace and in hope and in the mercy and power of my Cross that redeems.

I love you and may you seek all answers from Me, in prayer. Seek always to love even when you are afraid to ask because you believe the answer will not be what you desire but the answer will be for your own good.

Smile my child, smile and the laughter of love, seek all that is good. I know that by coming to me you place your trust to my mercy for all eternity.

Let your heart be filled with the graces of my love this day. Rest now my child, rest in my love within my arms and mercy and when you’re awake continue to run into the arms of your Savior to give you peace, to bring you, life and light.

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