Message of February 16 2021

Message of February 16 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of February 16 2021

Message of February 16 2021 –  Message from the Sacred Heart of Jesus

My dear child, seek to know my Heart and all will be well, live within the sanctuary of my Sacred Heart for the redemption of all souls through prayer.

I am now calling you through the surrender of your heart, mind, body and soul to a deeper life of prayer and by the eternal Spirit of love descending upon them.

I Am the Light of the World that shines in the darkness of despair for all souls, allow the joy of my precious light to illuminate your soul, giving you light, filling it with the joy of the light of the Holy Spirit.

We are one in love, my dear child, we are one in love calling all souls to love.

Announce this good day of love for all souls in need, let your heart be fed like a child with my love. Yes, sing, sing my child of the glory that is love.

Take my hand in this journey, continue to rise daily and be free to let go and surrender. For calling all souls to live in the freedom of love, a love that gives and a love that nourishes one’s heart with my compassion that desires for them to grow, through healing and by offering their hearts and concerns to Me daily.

Yes, I Am the Light of the World and with the power of my light of love through faith in prayer all things according to my Will can be fulfilled. 

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