Message of February 13 2023

Message of February 13 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of February 13 2023

Message of February 13 2023- Message of Our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary

 I have come with great patience and understanding

Jesus says, “Yes, my dear child, my Heart burns like a fire, like a flame of divine love. My love in the Holy Eucharist, my Heart and my Precious Body offered for my children so that they may receive me and be strengthened, and their hearts renewed with hope.

Yes, my dear child, for their hearts to be renewed with great hope. As when you came to me yesterday to receive me with the hope of being transformed through the light and love of receiving me in the Holy Eucharist. My dear child, open your hands.”

I am now having a vision of the spiritual wounds of this stigmata within my palms. The wounds are fresh and filled with the blood, the precious blood of our Lord. And within the blood I can see the Garden of Eden, the eternal garden of God’s grace for we are restored by grace to Jesus through his Precious Blood, his Precious Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist.

 ‘My Lord, what more do you desire for me to give witness to through this vision?’

Our Lord says, “My dear child, that I am love and I have come to redeem my children in love with great patience and with great understanding for their hearts. For I am their Savior and I have come to redeem. I am a good Savior of love and mercy, and of hope for those who feel alone and afraid, who feel burdened by life.

Yes, my dear child, I am asking you and all of my children do come to me and I shall give you rest.”

We become like new Adams and Eves

Jesus says, “Yes, my dear child in the strength of my mercy, I am with you and I have come to guide you in the eternal joy of my love to fill your heart with the gift of a great hope in all that you are fulfilling for me in my love.

Yes, my dear child, love, it is the only path. It is the only way; it is my way.”

My dear brothers and sisters, while attending mass yesterday, during the consecration of the Holy Eucharist, a flame appeared within the Eucharist itself. It was the flame of God’s divine and eternal love in the Eucharist.

 Then the flame was transformed into the eternal garden of God’s grace, the eternal garden of Eden, because in our call to receive the Holy Eucharist, we are being called to be renewed in God’s grace at that very moment, restored and united with Jesus ever so closely, through his divine love that burns like a fire within us when we receive him and the holy joy of his mercies for our soul in the Eucharist.

 We become like new Adams and Eves, through God’s eternal graces and love for us. May the eternal light of the Cross shine forever within our hearts, the eternal power of the sacrifice of Jesus in offering himself in the holy Eucharist.

Each one of you are children of God, of the light

Our Savior says, “My dear child, come to me for I understand your heart. I understand all of your needs and I desire that you rejoice in all that I have given you. For the power of gratitude in giving thanks to me and my Father for all that we have done for you is the power of the faith that one receives when they count.

Yes, when they count their blessings of love each day, knowing and trusting that through the blessings and graces I desire to give my children, that I am always present.

Yes, my dear child, rejoice and see all that is good for the enemy desires to rob you of your graces and blessings. He desires to rob my children of my love and seeing all that is good, pure and true in life, in seeing the light within them and that each one of you are children of God, children of the light.

Yes, my dear child, rejoice this day, rejoice in the hope of my love and mercy for your soul.

Yes, as I first said, I understand you and all of your needs. Ask me, ask me to help you and I shall do so. I shall give you your heart’s desire and my love.”

Let not one moment pass without rejoicing

Our Lady says, “My dear child, the power of the light is the power of my Son, that redeems and renews faith. May the eternal glory and joy of the light fill your heart this day to lead you in his mercy and the power of the Holy Cross that is the victory of God’s love for salvation.

Yes, my dear child, I, your Mother, am with you and I have come to take your hand to lead you in my Son’s mercy and in my Son’s help. Be not afraid, but in trust your heart to the love of Jesus each day, and rise, my dear child, rise in the glory of the light.

Rejoice. Rejoice, rejoice in all that he has done for you. Let not one moment pass without rejoicing throughout the day.

Yes, rejoice in all circumstances. Rejoice with every prayer. Rejoice in and for life, the life that God is giving you, and rejoice for the redemption of my children.

I desire that your heart always remain pure in my Son’s love. Peace, peace and only peace comes from the joy of loving Jesus.”

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