Message of February 12 2023

Message of February 12 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of February 12 2023

Message of February 12 2023- Message of Our Lord Jesus

Many speak of signs and wonders, creating false expectation and speculation

Jesus says, “My dear child, let your heart rest now and be at peace for I have come to only bring you love and in the heart of my mercy, I shall always keep you, to stand in the joy, in the joy and in the glory of the faith.

Yes, ask our Father to grant you the gift of a deeper faith each day, that you may stand in the joy and the hope of the light, knowing and trusting that by doing all that is good and in an excellent way.

I shall prosper you and you shall see the glory of my coming. You shall see the glory of my second coming of love. Before that time, before that moment, that only my Father knows; for many speak of the signs and wonders, creating false expectation and speculation.

My son, my heart is for all of my children to feast upon in my mercy, to feast upon my love each day, for I am the bread of life and living waters flow from the glory of my heart for my children, living waters of redemption for the forgiveness of sins and of hope for my children to live in peace and receive eternal life.

Yes, my dear child, my glory reigns and shall shine more brilliant than the moon and the sun and the stars that light all of the universe.

Yes, you shall see my glory and that shall give you hope.

I love you and I am always with you.”

Compassion and love for every soul

Our Lord Jesus says, “My dear child, I love you. I love you, come into my arms of mercy this day and allow me to fill your heart with the peace of all that is good, in the faith of believing in all that is good and having hope in that which is good, for the fulfillment of your life and the lives of your brothers and sisters, through every word that you receive from my heart in knowing and trusting that I am your God and I can do all things, according to my will, to fulfill the lives of my children.

Yes, I desire that my children live in peace and joy. Yet, so many deny the mercy of my Cross. They deny the mercy of my forgiveness through all that I suffered to redeem them.

Yes, my dear child, the power of the mercy of my Cross is the power of redemption. It is the power of my passion, death and resurrection for the salvation of my children.

Now that I am with you, you may speak to me of your needs.”

‘Yes, my dear Lord, I offer to you all of the needs of my heart, and in that, my only need is to love you. You once told me that you would give me anything I desired, according to your will, and my response was that I only desire to love you, Lord. May I walk my path upon this earth to fulfill my mission and calling for your glory and for the good of my brothers and sisters.

Yes, for the good of love, and the hope and joy of your mercy that forgives and renews our hearts, and renews our hope.

 Lord, forgive me of my sins and the sins of the whole world. Help me to grow in fortitude through faith. Help me to grow in fortitude and faith, to persevere in the light.’

Jesus continues, “My dear child, come and let me consume you in the holy joy of my love that you may grow in my mercy and your heart may live with joy. Pray for your brothers and sisters who are lost. Have compassion and mercy with every soul through my love.

Yes, my child, compassion and love for every soul. For the least that you do for your brother, you do for me; and to clarify, the least that you do for me, you shall do for your brother. For all good things come from the holy and Sacred Heart of my love that I desire to give to my children daily.

Yes, live your heart according to the ways of my mercy and compassion for souls.

I love you and I am always with you.”

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