Message of February 12 2021

Message of February 12 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of February 12 2021

MMessage of February 12 2021 –  Message from Jesus, the power of prayer

My dear child.

Thank you for praying for your brothers and sisters.

The power of prayer is a miraculous gift, the power of prayer touches lives and hearts that you do not know. I desire for all of my children to know the power of prayer and the power of my love in transforming lives throughout the world and the gifts that it brings to those most in need.

Prays for all of your brothers and sisters throughout the world, pray that they may be united as one to my Precious Body of love.

This is my Father’s greatest desire, that they be safe from the darkness of sin and living the life of eternity for all eternity.

How glorious is my light, how glorious is my love and may the Eternal Light of my love fill your soul to grant you peace this day in the hope of knowing and trusting in Me always.

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