Message of December 9 (2) 2022

Message of December 9 (2) 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of December 9 (2) 2022

Message of December 9 (2) 2022-  Messages of Our Lady

Trust God, offer him your sorrows

Our Lady says,“My dear child, although I cry tears from heaven upon earth for the redemption and salvation of souls, I also desire that you rejoice this day, rejoice in sharing in my love for your heart and for the hearts of your brothers and sisters.

I am theLady of Good Hope and I’m calling all of my children to hope, to live beyond their fears, to trust God in their struggles and to offer him your sorrows, in the peace of receiving his love.

Yes,I, your lady clothed with the sun,desire to bring the light of my son that casts out all darkness for the love of my children.

Yes, my dear child, for the love of my children, for the glory of God and the glory of love itself,I am asking you to repent, my dear children, before it is too late and receive the joy of his mercy that you may live with joy and peace within your hearts.”

   Tears begin to fall from the eyes of Our Lady

I am now having a vision of Our Lady dressed in white with the mantle to her feet, draped over her shoulders and embroidered with diamonds. The diamonds appear reflecting sparks of light illuminating her being with the graces and blessings of heaven-her hair long, dark and wavey; eyes so blue, as the depths of a clear ocean.

 Our Lady raises her hands to heaven as she is once again appearing with her feet upon the earth with the night sky behind her that contains a flurry of stars, illuminated in God’s love. Tears begin to fall from the eyes of Our Lady and she says,

“My dear child. I have come to you as the Queen of Heaven, the Queen of Peace and Hope in the name of my son Jesus. Yet I cry tears of sorrow for the sins of mankind for so many who choose to deny the love of my son in his call to faith and to convert before it is too late.

I, your lady, clothed with the beauty of heaven, desire to share my Immaculate Heart of heaven upon earth in offering souls my son’s mercy, in calling them to a greater love for God and for one another.

Peace. Pray for peace, my children, and great hope within your hearts. I love you and I am always with you.”

    Within the hearts of the parents that they may be a light of faith

Our Lady says, “My dear child, I am calling you to pray for the family, for the unity of the family through God’s love and through faith in the family. I’m asking you to pray for a deeper faith in the family within the hearts of the parents that they may be a light of faith and a means to grow in faith for their children.

This is a time for the family to rejoice in the coming of my son’s birth. This is a time of greater unity for the family that your hearts may be filled with the love of Jesus on Christmas Day and that you may carry his love within your hearts throughout the year.

Yes, I am asking my children to unite and to take responsibility for sharing time together, for understanding one another and forgiving one another within the family.

This is a time of great hope and sorrow for many souls who have lost loved ones.Many souls are homeless and live in the cold of the night, in which I place my mantle around them and around each one of you to say that the bosom of your mother, the Immaculate Heart of your mother, be your warmth and your light.

In my call to receive my son’s merciful love, have compassion for one another, my children. Have love for one another. Do not argue and do not live in conflict with one another. Love is the only way. And the joyof love fills great hope within your hearts, the hope of this season of Advent in the hope of my son’s birth.”

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