Message of December 30 2022

Message of December 30 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of December 30 2022

Message of December 30 2022 –  Message of Our Lord Jesus

Do not rush in your efforts to serve me- let me be the power

Our Lord says, “My dear child, may the eternal joy of my light fill your heart with peace this day. May the eternal joy of my holy love consume and lead you in the peace of my mercy.

Be still and know that I am God. Do not rush in your efforts to serve me. But, let me be the power that moves you. Continue your path and open your heart to me as I have asked you to receive me daily, and it is through receiving me that all things shall be fulfilled.”

Let us sing of the song of songs of my love for all my children

Our Lord says, “My dear child.”

I am now having a vision of the Mount of Cavalry. The sky is nearly dark as the sun has already set. And there appears the Cross of Jesus, the wooden cross made of the humility of God’s love for his sacrifice.

 As, I am approaching the Cross, Jesus appears in the sky above in his majesty and in his glory as the resurrected Christ with his hands extended from his side and a crown of the dove of the Holy Spirit.

 Jesus smiles and says, “My son, I have appeared to you in my resurrected glory as I ascended to heaven and I have asked you, led you to the foot of my Holy Cross, to kneel and humble yourself before God and giving your heart to only me, to love and serve only me.

Yes, the power of the Cross is the power of the light of my sacrifice to fill your soul and live within you as an eternal light of my love for others.

Yes, come to the foot of the Cross each day to offer yourself as a living sacrifice of hope and mercy for souls.

Yes, my son, come to me and rejoice in all things,when you place your full trust and confidence in me, all shall be fulfilled from my glory.

Yes, my son, listen to my heart and sing of hope. Listen to my heart and sing of my mercy for others.

Yes,let us sing of the song of songs. Let us sing of the song of my love for all humanity, for all of my children.”

I am present for all souls whose desire to come to me

Jesus says, “My dear child, come to me now and let me take you to new heights of love and my mercy.”

I am having a vision of Jesus dressed in white. He is levitating in the night sky above the earth with his arms slightly extended outwards and rays of light begin to cascade upon the earth, rays of white light filled with a golden hue. ‘My Lord, what does this signify?’

 As the light falls upon the outer layer of the earth, descending upon us, our Lord says,“My dear child, all things are possible for me and my mercy, and I am present in my mercy for all souls whose desire to come to me.

Yes, my dear child, let your heart be awakened to my love this day, and rest in the eternal glory of my hope.

It is now time to go and return home to your family. Your niece needs you and allow my presence to be magnified through you for her.

Yes, I desire that you build a sacred bond within the hearts of your family as they already trust and believe in me, they shall be fulfilled in their greater way through my presence within you.

In trust your heart to me, and in trust your heart to the holy joy and hope of my love.”

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