Message of December 26 2022

Message of December 26 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of December 26 2022

Message of December 26 2022 –  Message of Our Lord Jesus

But they choose not to follow and for this, I am most saddened

I am having a vision of Jesus appearing before me as our Good Shepherd. He is holding his staff made of gold approximately 7 to 8 feet (2-2.5 m) in height and a baby white sheep is next to him. Jesus smiles as if to greet me for the first time. His love, it is endless and infinite. He is our God, our Savior in all his ways.

 Jesus says, “My dear child, I your Good Shepherd of Love, desire to lead my people in the hope of the faith within their hearts. But they choose not to follow and for this, I am most saddened.

I am calling all of my children to stand before me, to seek me, the Lord their God that I may lead them so that not one may be lost. Oh, how I love my children and I am always waiting.

Come, my dear child and follow me this day, and each day in persevering, you will grow in a greater love for me.

Yes, this I desire for all. If you will follow, and those who do, who give witness to my glory, they will see my glory and live with me for all eternity.”

Always love, honor and respect my church

Jesus says, “My son in regards to the question of my eternal bride, the holy and always shall be sanctified church, I say that one must not judge, but only love. I’ve once expressed to Peter, ‘Upon this rock, the foundation will be laid.’

My dear child, I love my church,as I love my people, and I desire for my Holy Church, holy in my name, to continue to grow in faith. As it has been weak and broken, through my passion, death and resurrection, I shall continue to heal and sustain the heart of my church in my mercy and forgiveness. I am a God of patient and compassionate love, compassionate in every way and in all circumstances.

I’m asking the hearts of the faithful to pray each day for a strengthening of my Holy Church and that my promises shall always remain true to my people. My dear child, love my church, heal my church through these words of hope and mercy. My children are in need and my priests are weakened in their battles. But I shall be their strength and their hope as they continue to endure and persevere.

I am the Holy Bride of love of the church and my precious body is the church. In the end I shall have the final victory over Satan and all darkness, and in the end, my church shall shine as bright as the sun.

Yes, and those who have chosen, shall live for all eternity in my glory. Always love,honor and respect my church and in doing so, you shall always love, honor and respect me.”

Love my priest and pray for them with all your heart

Jesus says, “My dear child, as it has been asked to me, I shall speak to you of my holy priest whom I love so dearly. I shall speak to you of my priest that have been called to a great and holy sacrament,a sacrament of love, a commitment to love and serve only me, to remain faithful and dedicated to the promise that they have chosen.

My dear child, love my priest and pray for them with all your heart as they continue to persevere and endure in the battles between good and evil, to persevere in my passion of love for my people. I’m asking my children to pray for and to not judge my priest for they too are in need of my love and support as they are called to shepherd my children in faith and hope and in my love.

I’ve once said that the path is narrow and it is even more so for them, as they carry the heavy burdens of my people, as they are called to be greater lights of love, to be my light, my hope for them.

Each priest is to be respected as my representative on earth from heaven and I am calling each one of them to pray to always remain faithful to my heart and the heart of the body of my church, who are my children- to teach, to preach, to evangelize my gospel message of truth not conforming to the ways of this world, for I am the only way and I am the truth and the light, that they must follow in my example of love.

Yes, my dear child, I love my dearest priest and I desire to strengthen them each day so that they may stand with the shepherd staff of the Cross to have victory in leading my children to salvation.

This for now,is enough. But I shall speak more of my priests whom I love.

May your heart always be open to receiving meand to follow my path and to following my path of glory.”

Only I, the Lord your God, know and understand the depths of their hearts

Jesus says, “My dear child, in regards to the question of those who are addicted to alcohol and to taking drugs, I say that their hearts are truly broken and afraid, and only I, the Lord your God, know and understandthe depths of their hearts in need of healing and in need of great love. One must be patient with their brother.

Yes, one must be patient to not reject such poor and broken souls, but to have compassion for their hearts. So often they are cast aside for they are lost and blinded in their ways. But I said, ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do,’and I call them to my healing mercy. I call them to my heart to be loved and to be understood in order to break the bondages of darkness that they live within.

Yes, my dear child, love, it is the only way, to love your brothers and sisters who are broken and afraid, who live in the cold of the night and have sacrificed their blessings of good. They must not be judged, but only loved, because to judge is to not have compassionate understanding for what has led them down this path, that only my love can heal, in choosing to live according to my gospel message, to live according to my words of truth that shall lead them back onto the path of the light.

Pray, pray for them and love them for they are cast aside each day out of fear. But I am with them and I love even the lost, for greater is their victory when they return to me.

My son, I shall speak more so of their hearts. But what is most important is to love them and pray for my healing light within them to be fulfilled.”

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