Message of December 24 2020

Message of December 24 2020

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of December 24 2020

Message of December 24 2020 – Message from God the Father

Father I thank you and I pray for wisdom and discernment, I pray for the joy of the Holy Spirit to enter my heart at this moment, to heal and to guide and to strengthen me each day in the hope of your mercy. I thank you Father for all that you have done for me and I bless you Father as you have blessed me. My only desire be, to love You and to live for You for if You be with us who can be against us.

Our Father now says: “My dear child, come to Me, come into the arms of your Father and allow Me to give you peace and the joy of my Son’s mercy each day, the joy of my hope, the hope of your Father. Remember my dear child!. Yes, remember all the joys that I have given you and give thanks to Me each day for the mercies that I have shown you.

Gregory: Yes, my dear Father, your mercy and your hope for me, for all of humanity. Thank you for offering your Son as a living sacrifice of love for all of us and the joy of knowing that You are always with us.

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