Message of December 19 (2) 2022

Message of December 19 (2) 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of December 19 (2) 2022

Message of December 19 (2) 2022 –  Message of Our Lord Jesus

I too am waiting for them to come to me, but yet I am denied

Jesus speaks, “My dear child, I desire that you love only me and to live your life filled with the joy and hope of my presence. Yes, come and sing of our love, of eternal love from within your heart that your brothers and sisters may know that I am present and I too love them.

I too am waiting for them to come to me, but yet I am denied. May the mercy of my Cross fill your heart with peace and I forgive you of all your sins by knowing, loving and trusting in me, your God of mercy and of hope.”

Let your heart run the good race with the glory of love

Jesus says, “My dearest child, you have me within your heart in all things through the power of my loving mercy and great hope that I desire to give you each day, that you may stand strong in the joy, in the purity and truth of the faith.

Yes, my dear child come and let me lead you within my arms of hope and we shall walk together.”

I am now having a vision of Jesus. He is standing on a seashore, dressed in white. The day is cold, crisp and the sun shining, clear blue skies of eternal love and hope.

 He begins to walk and as he does so, looks back towards me, extending his hand to take and walk with him. It is as if in this moment all time is suspended and I feel only great peace and joy. When I take Jesus’ hand, a golden light appears from the wound of his stigmata. Jesus is majestic in all his ways. We then began to walk together.

He looks within my eyes and says,“My dear child. It is time, it is time now. Follow my path of light and pray for great strength each day that my Father may lead you according to his will, through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is time now to exceed all boundaries within your human heart and rise in all of the possibilities within my heart where there are no boundaries, only that which is possible through love.

Yes, it is time now to continue to take my hand and I shall lead you in my loving graces for the good of my children. Let your voice sing throughout the earth, all that you do to fulfill and spread these messages, I shall assist you. Be not afraid.”

Jesus says with a smile, “But let your heart run the good race with the glory of love and for the glory of love in the name of my Father.”

The darkness has no power over the light

Our Lord says, “My dear child, the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has no power over the light. I am the light of the world, and Satan has no power over me or those who choose to follow me.

This is my promise of love, my children, that I shall always protect you and lead you according to the will of my Father, that the gift of faith may reign within you and through faith you shall receive great hope, and through hope the power of the Holy Spirit to love.

Yes, my dear children, seek to give your hearts in all circumstances and then through the power of the gift of love that transforms one soul, and the souls of your brothers and sisters around you, with great joy and with the greater meaning of gratitude for life. This is the way; this is a path.

Come and let us sing, my dear child, be my ambassador of love for all eternity.”

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