Message of December 17 2020

Message of December 17 2020

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of December 17 2020

Message of December 17 2020 – Message from our Lord Jesus

I am having a vision of rays of golden light shining from the Cross of Jesus that I have in my room, the rays are pure, true and fill with the love of the faith and now penetrate my soul, within the rays, Jesus appears with His hands extended and He now says: “My dear child, come now, come and allow Me to embrace you in the eternal love of my Heart and the peace that I desire to give you for all that you have suffered through the attacks of the enemy.

Be still and trust in Me, always knowning that I am your God and that I shall always bring you hope, in giving thanks to our Father for all that He has done for you”.

Gregory: Yes, my dear Lord, yes, you are my eternal hope and no matter the attacks of the enemy I desire

only to love you.

Jesus: Yes, be still my child, and allow my love to consume you at this moment.

Gregory: Lord I am most thankful for the peace and joy, the love that you desire to give me daily. I love you, I love you.

Jesus: Yes, my dear child, I love you as well and do not be concerned for the past is yesterday and the present is now and may the eternal love of my Heart fill your soul.

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