Message of December 16 2020

Message of December 16 2020

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of December 16 2020

Message of December 16 2020 – Immaculate Heart of Mary

Our Lady now says, “My dear child, in the end my immaculate heart will triumph through the Sacred Heart of my son Jesus, through his passion, death, and resurrection for the redemption of the world, in having given birth to the savior. I love you.

I love you, my dear child. Come into my arms.

Come into the arms of your Mother, for I am always with you and I desire to bring you the peace, the hope and the joy of the faith each day. May the eternal light of my Son’s love fill your heart and soul and guide you in the arms of his Eternal Mercy.

I desire this for all souls, but so many of my children deny the Heart of my on.Which is why I said, as a mother, as the Eternal Mother of the Savior: My Heart will triumph in love, in love and light over all darkness, to defend the faith and to defend all of humanity. Peace, peace and holy peace comes from a loving God.”

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