Message of December 12 2020

Message of December 12 2020

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of December 12 2020

Message of December 12 2020 –  Our Lady of Guadalupe is now paring into vision and she is offering me Her hand. She is dressed in the regalness of a queen, the Queen of heaven and earth.

And within Her hand there is both a large emerald and diamond. The emerald, which She says that has always signified hope, and the diamond that cuts through the darkness, the light and the brilliance of the faith.

She is offering me each precious gem as a sign of love from her Heart, and as a sign of love for the hearts of her children, for She desires, as She now says, that we receive the gifts of faith, hope and love each day in a more profound way.

As I take her hand, She begins to leave me now into the light, into the great light where her son is appearing on the Cross, and where Jesus now says, “My dear child, I thirst, I thirst for all souls in need of God’s mercy, in need of my Father’s love, and of my love as their Holy Savior.

I continue to suffer the pains of my Cross for the hearts of my children, the pains of my passion for the forgiveness of the sins of my children.

That they may be redeemed into the light, the brilliant ray of light of love that you now see and consumes you. Yes, my dear child, I thirst for your heart each day, and the hearts of all those who desire to come to Me.

May the Eternal Light fill your soul with peace, and my Mother has led you here. She desires to lead all of her children to the foot of the Cross, to the foot of his Eternal mercy and hope. I love you and I am always with you.”

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