Message of December 11 2022

Message of December 11 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of December 11 2022

Message of December 11 2022 – Mesages of Our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary

Call upon the Holy Spirit to assist you in making a true and honest confession

As I was preparing to enter the holy confessional, Jesus appeared from his Cross above the altar with blood pouring from his Sacred Heart of love and of mercy.

 Jesus said, “My dear child, I am waiting for you in the holy confessional and I desire to receive your heart in my loving mercy for the forgiveness of your sins. I am always waiting for all of my children to repent. But, so few you come to me.”

My Lord, my Lord, I love you, and I ask forgiveness for my sins and the sins of the whole world. Jesus, how do we prepare for confession?

Jesus says, “My dear child, you prepare in the silence of prayer with an open heart and asking the Holy Spirit to anoint you with the memories of your sins, to convict you with love and mercy of those sins which you have committed.

Yes, my dear child,

Call upon the Holy Spirit to assist you in making a true and honest confession, to receive my love. One can only do so by surrendering themselves in humility at that moment in the confessional where I am present, in relinquishing themselves of all pride to say, ‘Jesus, I trust in you. Jesus, I offer everything to you. Take me. Forgive me. Heal me and guide me in your mercy.’

Yes, my dear child, I am always waiting. It is a preparation of seeking my love and desiring to be closer to me, in separating oneself from the darkness of sin and uniting themselves to my heart. One must truly look within to offer all to me and receive the true love and mercy of my forgiveness.”

The world is in a worse state than ever before

Jesus says ,“My Church is in need of repair. My dear child, this is my house, my precious body for all of humanity. I am sad for the divisions between my people. They have forgotten the first laws of love. They have become like the Pharisees of my day. Not much has changed.

The world is in a worse state than ever before because man has chosen to live in a state of pride instead of the beauty of grace. My heart bleeds for all souls, that my body may be healed.

My mother Church must seek redemption. How much longer will mankind crucify me? How much longer will I be made to wait because of pride? I have given you the greatest gift a man could desire. If you truly want to live in a state of grace, then you must offer yourself as a living sacrifice to prayer and receiving my word.

I’m asking you to spend every breathing moment in prayer and receiving me for the glory of my kingdom and for the glory of my love. When you must work, pray, and when you are not working, receive my word, receive my messages.

Live in a state of perpetual adoration.”

 My son is love and in him, there is nothing but love

I am having a vision of Our Lady. She is dressed in white and holding a bouquet of roses.

Mary says ,“Share this vision for your heart with the hearts of others.”

‘My dear mother, what is the meaning of the three red roses?’

Our Lady responds, “They symbolize faith, faith in the holy and triune God who gave himself to heaven and earth as a sacrifice for all sinners.

They symbolize the spirit of love, fulfilled in the hearts of all men who desire to be called ‘living vessels of the most high God.’

They symbolize hope in all mankind who desire to be called children of light, living in Spirit and glory for the redemption of all souls.

They are the love of the Trinity which brings peace to all men who walk in faith in the spirit of love fulfilled by hope.”

Mother, why are you holding them?’

“That I may offer them to the hearts of all men who desire to receive the living light of my son Jesus. I pray for the conversion of all souls who have not yet fulfilled his will in living according to the path of salvation, the path of eternal peace, which I seek for all of my heavenly children.

Why must man continue to deny the Sacred Heart and holy heart of my son Jesus, when he sacrificed all for the sins of mankind? My mission is a mission of peace to inaugurate all souls into the body of Christ, that they may be redeemed into the true light of my son’s love.

Pray for the conversion of poor sinners who are in need of the freedom of my son’s heavenly light which shall bring the beauty of peace to their souls. Pray for all men who are in need of redemption.”

Mother, what shall I tell your people?

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