Message of December 10 (2) 2022

Message of December 10 (2) 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of December 10 (2) 2022

Message of December 10 (2) 2022 – Mesages of Our Lord Jesus and Mother Mary

Let me lead you into the glorious light and love of his heart

Our Lady says, “My dear child, I am your mother, come to me and in doing so, I will lead you to the joy of the heart in my son Jesus.

Yes, my dear child let me lead you into the glorious light and love of his heart this day. This shall guide you in truth and in the compassion of his mercy for others.

Mother, I pray for deeper faith, hope and love, to be an instrument of faith, hope, and love for those who are most in need. Yesterday, there was an impoverished family sitting on the entry street corner of a plaza, the mother and father so young.

He was holding a sign, asking for help, for food, for work, for rent. And at the bottom of the sign, he placed a heart, saying ‘God bless you.’ At the moment I did not have anything to give them. So, I returned home to get a donation and when I returned, they were no longer there. So, I offer them within your Immaculate Heart, dear mother.

 And I pray for the poor, the sick, the dying and the oppressed,for all souls in need of your son’s mercy, for the unity of the family and for all little orphans throughout the world. And, I will return today to look for them.’

Our Lady now appears. She is dressed in white with draped sleeves and she is smiling. Her dress appears to have a silvery tone. She holds out her hands and rays of white light shine from within her palms-so beautiful, so much love. And, she nods, in saying “yes”to my request to help them and all souls in need.

I am asking all souls to give birth to me within their hearts

Jesus says, “My dear child, may the glory of the light of my love shine within the hearts of all my children. I, your Lord and your Savior, am calling them to my heart, to love me as I love them.

I,your Jesus, am asking all souls to give birth to me within their hearts and souls on Christmas Day, to receive me as their newborn Savior, their Savior of love and mercy. Oh, my dear child, may the glory of my lightfill your heart and renew your peace and joy this day.

I desire this for all of my children, even those who choose not to come to me. But my love is always waiting. The warmth of the graces,the blessings of the light of my presence is always waiting to give them peace. Peace, my dear child, I your Prince of Peace proclaim peace this day for all of my children throughout the world.

Just say,‘Come to me and be not afraid.’ For I will renew your hope in my mercyand my forgiveness, to always love you. May the glory of the light fill your heart and give you peace.”

Sing of the joy of the glory of my love

Jesus says, “My dear child, sing, ‘Sing of the joy of the glory of my love.’Sing for your brothers and sisters in this Advent season for I desire to prepare them for my birth.”

Oh, come, Holy Spirit within my heart and may the eternal light of your love consume me for those most in need. I love you. I love you, my Lord. Come take me forever into the eternal light. Come take me forever in your love and keep my heart pure in your mercy so that I may love you more so each day.

 Oh, my Lord and my eternal love, take me.’

Jesus, says,“My dear child, each day that you receive me, I shall take you to heaven on earth within my heart in the Spirit of my love. For as I once said, ‘when one experiences love on Earth, they experience heaven on earth.’ It is not yet time for me to bring you home. I shall keep you within my heart and I shall hold you forever in my love.”

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