Message of August 9 2021

Message of August 9 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of August 9 2021

Message of August 9 2021 – Message from our Lord Jesus

Jesus: My dear child, come to Me, come into the arms of your Savior, and let me breathe mercy into your soul, the mercy of hope, the mercy of love and the joy and peace of knowing and trusting that I’m with you.

Yes, my dear child I am with you, and I love you; I love you.

Listen to my heart and let Me take your hand to lead for I Am the Good Savior of love, and I Am the Good Shepherd who attends to all his sheep.

Yes, even you, my child, who has taken the burden of the gift of the responsibility of your people, my people, within your heart.

Yes, seek all that is good in love fixing your thoughts on the beauty of the faith and of the gifts of the light of the faith to sustain you. Continue to take courage and continue to have hope and continue to rise in my glory and in my strength, continue to rise in my goodness.

Gregory: I am now having a vision of Jesus, who is standing before me, His arms are open, and He is smiling. Oh, my Savior, forgive me my sins, my pride, my arrogance, of ego and grant me the greater gift of faith and humility to serve you with honor and dignity.

Jesus: Yes, my dear child, come to Me.

Gregory: I now walk into the arms of Jesus and rays of golden light that radiates from his body begin to penetrate my heart and soul. I love you, Jesus. I love you and I always desire to be with you. Let me seek you, my God in all things good, pure and true of heart. 

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