Message of August 4 2021

Message of August 4 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of August 4 2021

Message of August 4 2021 – Message from our Lord Jesus

My dear child, allow the light of my love to bring you peace, the peace of hope and the peace of all that it is good to rein within your heart eternally in the glory of my love, in the glory of my hope for your heart and my people.

Remember my child, that all souls need love, do not deny one soul the kindness of the love that I gave you within your heart. Know that I am always with you and that love is the only path, the way to mercy and to compassion.

I have anointed you with the gift of many souls, more numerous that one day you can ever imagine, I want you to be prepared through love for Me for when you abide Me and I abide you the blessings of love shall be fulfilled. I love you and I am always with you.

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