Message of August 17 2021

Message of August 17 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of August 17 2021

Message of August 17 2021 – Message from our Lord Jesus

Yes, my child let me lead you in the joy of love into the hearts of many and yes, you may also video your messages as Monica has desire.

They shall see within your heart and within your eyes, my mercy. Come and take my hand and let me lead you to the Eternal Light at the foot of my Cross, let me lead you in the joy and hope of my Love for others; there are so many souls who are suffering throughout the world today, suffering in the pain or fear of hopelessness and despair, for satan desires to oppress my children, he desires to lead them into the darkness, to destroy their hope and in doing so to destroy their faith and their souls.

All things begin with pride, pride is his first and greater temptation, the seed that leads to all sin, from the dark fruit of ungraciousness and unholiness and ingratitude towards God.

Praise! my dear hild, praise Me and my mercy as I desire

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