Message of August 16 2021

Message of August 16 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of August 16 2021

Message of August 16 2021 – Message from our Lord Jesus

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Yes, my dear child.

I am calling for a feast day of love, a feast day of hope for the hearts of my children through my love and mercy for all of mankind,  that I desire to redeem from the victory of my passion and death on the Cross and the resurrection to a new life each day.

Yes, my dear child, may your heart be resurrected in love each day, may be renewed and may you rejoice for the glory of God, my Father, who desires to fulfill his new covenant between He and his people, for love fulfills all things and my mercy is greater than any sin. Be not afraid, my children, be not afraid for love casts out all fear.

It forgives, it renews and strengthens one’s heart by trusting in Me. Yes, I desire this feast day of love within my Church, for the hearts of all my children throughout the world, that shall one day be fulfilled.

I know your heart, which is why I am setting you free to flight in the eternal glory of love each day. That these words may reach and bear fruit within the hearts of my children!.

Love is the path of my example and the path of my glory for the glory of my Father, Who Is all love.

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