Message of April 7 2021

Message of April 7 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of April 7 2021

Message of April 7 2021 –  Message from our Lord Jesus

My dear child, there are so many of my children who are suffering throughout the world and I, your Savior, only desire to give them love to heal their hearts and to free them from their fears, from their bondages of darkness.

For I am calling them to live in the light, the light of the peace of my mercy, the light of my word that teaches one the path of life and to life each day.

 Yes, I desire mercy to forgive, to heal their hearts, to bring the fullness of my love, yet how much longer will they continue to deny me, men do not live by breath alone.

Be still, and know that I am God and I can do all things in my mercy. I love you my dear children. I love each one of you and my dear child, may the beauty of this night not be forgotten, that we shall meet again here tomorrow and you shall be happy and I shall always bring you peace, the joy of my peace.

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