Message of April 5 2022

Message of April 5 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of April 4 2022

Message of April 5 2022 – Message of our Blessed Mother Mary

I am now having a vision of our Lady.

She is holding up her right hand, singing an ode to God, an ode to God’s love each day.

It is what She chose, it is Who love is, and that is Jesus. She now says: “My dear child, thank you for coming to Me and allow the love of my Son to heal and sustain you. It is good that you have stayed to help your brother for I desire for all families to be united in faith and the love of my Son Jesus.

When one serves the family, they serve Jesus, they serve the hope of who He is to renew the hope of others.

Yes, let your heart remain strong for your family; the evil always desires to destroy peace and love within the homes of the families. I speak of the family because I am a Mother of Love, the eternal Mother of love for the family and of the family.

I am asking all families to unite in prayer.

Pray, pray, my dear children, and seek God first above all things. May the love of Jesus fill your heart, so you may be love for others.

You have been called to help many, now set your sight to heaven, and doing so, heaven shall always give you the strength.”

Yes, dear Mother, I love you.

My dear child, I love you and I am always with you.

Our lady now extends her hand to take my hand and the vision ends in peace.

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