Message of April 4 2023

Message of April 4 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of April 4 2023

Message of April 4 2023 –  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

Receive the glory of the mercy of my forgiveness before it is too late

Our Lord and Savior says, “My dear child, it is good that you have come to me. Come, take my hand this night and let me lead you within the embrace of my arms and into my Sacred Heart.

I would like to share with you from the story of Mary’s repentance, in which she anointed me with the costly oil of her love, with complete and pure sacrifice to give her heart to me in honor of my mercy; first with the oil of faith, then with her tears of repentance, pouring upon me her love for my heart, which is true repentance when one does so for the forgiveness of sins- in honoring and in choosing to glorify my sacrifice, the eternal sacrifice of my loving heart and compassionate understanding for sinners.

She then wiped the tears from my feet with her hair, her tears mixed with the blood of my passion and mercy, with the humility of all that she had from her body and soul. She could have used her cloak, but she did not do so in honor of being a reborn child of grace and a child of the light.

My dear child, repentance should only be of love and a desire to offer one’s heart to be absolved, to be healed, transformed through the forgiveness of my mercy that lifts the weight of sin from a soul, and the burden of Satan’s hands of oppression upon them.

Repentance has no price when it is true and pure, and gives all to me from the soul, and enlightens the way through the power of the Holy Spirit that redeems in my love for poor sinners.

Yes, aside from the glory of my mother in being the most pure vessel ever created by the hand of God, Mary was the second of female apostles to serve me. She served with great dedication, commitment and love, in desiring to perfect my will because true repentance always brings forth fruit for one’s heart. True repentance is only born through love for your Savior.

And I am calling all souls to come to me and receive the glory of the mercy of my forgiveness before it is too late, especially in this week of Easter, this Holy Week, in preparing your hearts for the great love of my sacrifice and the power of being transformed through my mercy and resurrection, to new life in me, to new hope in me and the great joy of having a pure heart touched by the heart of your Savior.

Yes, repentance has no price for the salvation of the soul, for the salvation of those whom I love and desire to be with me in the eternal graces of heaven.

May the joy of repentance always bring you peace my child and those who come to me with an open heart.”

Blessed Carlo Acutis: “God first in all things”

Jesus says, “My dear child, I love you, and it is my desire that you share from your heart, open and true, for the love of your Savior, the events that took place during Holy Mass yesterday.”

Yes, my Lord. I was waiting for the confirmation of your love and now will do so.’

 While at Holy Mass yesterday morning, April 3rd, April the month that springs with love, with the flowers of God’s graces and hope. As the priest was consecrating the Eucharist, rays of light began to shine forth from the palms of his hand, rays of the fire of God’s divine love in the Holy Eucharist.

 And there appeared, Blessed Carlo Acutis standing beside him, serving at the eternal altar of the Last Supper and of the merciful sacrifice of God’s love. He was present to the right of the priest, smiling without words. He was adoring with great hope the loving sacrifice of Jesus, of his presence in the Holy Eucharist for the hope of the salvation of all humanity.

 And if God be with us, who can be against us? And if God our Father allowed Blessed Carlo to be present during the consecration in the Holy Mass, it is a great sign for us, to live in hope, to rejoice in following his example of love and in living for the love of the Holy Eucharist.

 ‘May you lead me to the holy altar of God’s love this day, Carlo, to receive our Lord to be consumed by his Precious Body and Blood, to be taken to new heights of love in the joy of God’s mercy, where peace reigns eternal and hope never ends.

 Yes, if God our Father has allowed you to be present, it is also a great sign and miracle of the Holy Eucharist, as well as confirmation of God’s call of our Father’s love for you to become a holy Saint and future hope for the hearts of those who are suffering, for the hearts, my dear brother, of those who feel alone and afraid, who do not know what to do and are in need of God’s great mercy.’

 The vision ends; not ended because it is eternal, an eternal call to the Holy Eucharist, a call to the love of Jesus. With Carlos smiling and his body becoming illuminated with a great light with him saying, “My son, I shall lead you there this day as I desire to lead all souls to the love of Jesus, that their pain shall be no more and they shall love in the love of his arms where I always desire to live.

There is nothing more important, my son than to live for this cause and I shall assist you in this work of mercy for the redemption of God’s children. I shall intercede for all of your needs, as well as God’s call to share these messages of love with his children.

God first in all things.”

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