Message of April 29 2021

Message of April 29 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of April 29 2021

Message of April 29 2021 – Message from Mary Lady of the Light

Gregory: Mother, you’re the queen of the universe and for you nothing is impossible. According to God’s will. Hear my prayer from my heart, for the special intention of my soul and for peace throughout the world as well as for an end to this pandemic.

I pray for your cause, dear Mother, that the eternal light of your Son’s love may reign on earth as it is in heaven and may this eternal reign call us to goodness of his light each day.

Mary: My dear child, I am with you and I, your Mother love you. I bring you these flowers pure and white of hope for your soul. Yes, my dear child, I also bring them for your special intention and for peace throughout the world.

Many have suffered in this pandemic and I am praying to according to God’s Will, it may soon come to end. Know that I love you and I, your Mother; I your Lady of the light, I am always with you.

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