Message of April 25 2023

Message of April 25 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of April 25 2023

Message of April 25 2023-  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

Pray for all youth throughout the world

 I am now having a vision of rays of a golden white light descending from heaven, the light of the eternal purity of God’s truth and graces to fill my soul and to guide me in God’s mercy, in the hope of the pursuit of all that is good.

 Jesus now appears before me as the light penetrates my soul. He is dressed in white with his Sacred Heart exposed.

 ‘O merciful and true light, you are the way. Guide me in your mercy.’

 Jesus says, “Dear child, come to me and allow the mercy of my Sacred Heart to penetrate your soul and to take you to new heights of love.

Yes, let your heart sing of love for my children.”

There is a multitude of youth standing behind Jesus, their hearts are lit with golden crosses. They are the children of God, of his love and purity.

 And Jesus now says, “I desire to protect these little ones in the name of my love, to stand for all that is good according to the eternal gift of my word and hope for my people.

Yes, pray for all youth throughout the world, that their hearts may grow in faith and that they may come to know me, their Savior. For so many of their parents do not believe, and they are the next generation of the light of my Cross, and I desire that they not live with broken hearts, without faith and without me.

Yes, pray for all of my children as the world is suffering with greater pains and my heart cries for all who are in need. I desire to console them in my mercy and in the truth of my love. There are so many souls suffering. Give to them my heart, my son.

Rise this day in the joy and hope of my love. May the light that fills your soul from heaven strengthen you in the bonds of unity to my love and to my heart, that I now offer to you: sacred, living and true.”

‘Jesus, take me as you desire. I will go where you lead me, Lord.’

Be not afraid, but let me guide you in love

 O holy light, O holy night consume me with the love of heaven- The rays of light continue to descend from heaven within my heart. Within it is the eternal garden of God’s grace, the eternal Garden of Eden. I can see all sorts of animals, beautiful trees, the colors that are so vibrant and I am thankful to God for all that he has done for me, to keep me alive in his mercy, and to keep me in the life of his merciful love through the power of the Cross.

 ‘Yes, holy light, descend upon me and fill my soul. Guide me in truth and in the joy of my love. Lord, lead me and grant me thy wisdom and thy grace. Jesus, I need you so now to help me in this decision.’

 Jesus says, “My dear child, do you love me?”

‘Yes, my Lord.’

“Do you always desire to be with me?”

‘Yes, my Lord.’

Our Lord continues, “I am the living light that is in all things and everything that you do if you choose to have me within all things, to guide you to love you, to be your friend of mercy and to renew your hope each day. Nothing can stand between us, my child, only that which one allows.

So, continue to receive me and allow my graces through your heart to flow to my people in interceding for them in prayer. Every call has a season and every season has a call. For your path is eternal, and I shall lead you in different ways, but by remaining united to me, your heart shall always know.

Be not afraid, but let me guide you in love.”

Souls in need: Bring them to me in prayer

 Our dear Lord says, “My dear child, come and take my hand, and let me lead you upon this path of my mercy.

Yes, give your heart to me and you shall give your heart to the love of my Cross.

My heart cries for souls who are in need. Bring them to me in prayer. Unite their hearts to my heart. The power of my love is unconditional and makes all things possible.

Yes, the power of my Cross is the power of the light. Come to me, and I shall be your light each day. Multiply the fruits of my love and remember the parable of the talents, multiply.

Yes, multiply and let me increase my love within you.”

The enemy wants to put your mind and heart in a box and bury it

 Our Lord says, “My dear child, the darkness does not desire that you multiply the gifts that I have given you. You have faced such great battles and I have brought you through. The enemy wants you to believe that you are unworthy or are incapable, but no man is worthy. And all things are possible through me.

Yes, prepare to leave soon and I shall take you on a glorious path. The enemy wants to put your mind and your heart in a box and bury it within the ground. This is his temptation for you not to go. But you will stand and I shall lead you. Go and I shall lead you.

And I shall continue to say, you never lived to believe that things were impossible. You always chose in that moment to live with purity and light and faith and trust in me, in your passion and in your love for what is good. So, do not be concerned for tomorrow, but go with great courage and strength. Go in every way.

The only obstacles that can stop you are those of the darkness. When you go and walk in the light, you are free and the light shall lead you. I shall lead you, for I am the light in all things that serve the light, to serve me and your brothers and sisters.

I love you, rest now.”

‘Thank you, Jesus. I shall seek to multiply each day. I pray for strength and courage and wisdom to do so.

Jesus, I am like a child who, when listening to their parent, can sometimes be distracted. So, I ask you to speak louder with a bigger voice that I may hear and see clearly all that you desire.’

 Our Lord concludes, “Yes, my son, I understand for I understand your heart. Go now and rest and always find your peace in me.”

Remind me of all I must do, for I am just a man

 Jesus says, “My son, run within my arms and my mercy shall hold you throughout this night.

Yes, let all things be for me. Let all things be for the heart of my love.”

I am now having a vision of an angel. It is beautiful, made of light descending upon me as Jesus was speaking. His eyes are blue, brilliant sapphire, filled with God’s mercy and he carries a sword. It is the sword of light of God’s Word.

 ‘O Holy Angel, stand guard and protect me in my mission. Show me your way.’

 The angel says, “I am with you, and I shall stand guard with you in the love of God and in the love of Jesus.

Yes, come and receive this sword within your hand for the enemy is attacking you greatly, but you shall not fall and you shall stay strong.”

Yes, dear angel, I am not afraid. I will continue strong in the love of God our Father, Son and Holy Spirit, in the love of Jesus my Savior. And I will stand in the power of the victory of the Cross to produce words of great light from within me.

 Yes, I will walk in the Precious Blood. Cover me with your Precious Blood, O Lord, take me as your desire. Lead me and I shall go.’

Our Lord says, “Come, my dear child, and tomorrow we will begin preparing your journey. I shall take care of all of your needs, as I have always promised. Go in love and trust in me. Trust in my heart.”

‘Jesus, I want to trust in you for everything. Hold me within your heart forever, and may the power of your Cross of redemption rise within me each day to strengthen and guide me to grant me your wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

 Remind me of that which I must do. Remind me of all that you desire so that I do not forget, for I am just a man, Lord, seeking to trust in you and to never abandon the passion of the call of your love from my heart.

 Yes, take me where you desire. I shall go where you lead me, Lord.’

Flourish in the holy winds of your love

 Our Lord says, “My dear child, may the glory of my heart rise within your heart this day to give you rest in my love and to carry you within the scent of the roses of my graces while you sleep.”

‘My Lord, it is still night.’

“My son, the sun is always rising and all days are made new in me.”

‘Yes, my Lord, the sun is always rising and the moon always shining.’

“Yes, my son. That is why every day is eternal in my love, created by the hand of God our Father.”

‘My Lord. I never thought that the sun is always rising, that I believe this has more meaning than what I understand.’

“Yes, my son, it is deep in meaning, for it is deep in the Spirit of life. And that my light will shine forever in the hearts of those who believe and all things remain new in me.”

‘You have made me happy, Lord. My heart is filled with joy.’

“What more do you want, my son?”

‘I want to grow in multiplying your love within me and for others, through the graces and blessings they you have given me and that I shall receive this day. I want only to love you and to flourish in the holy winds of your love within my heart, that my heart may sail to new heights only through you.’

“Yes, my son, your prayer shall be answered. I shall answer it also for the child of the mother whose grandmother called you today. I shall answer your prayer for this infant’s healing. And the family shall be happy and saved through faith in me. What more do you desire, my son?”

‘My Lord, I have everything when I rest in you, only to heal my heart of leaving my island, and that maybe, if it is your will, one day I shall return.’

“Yes, my son, I shall guide you in all things and if it is your desire, one day you shall return. But first, let us unite our hearts in this new journey and you shall see great things in my love.”

Listen to my heart and to my words for they shall ring pure and true

‘My Lord, thank you for sending Blessed Carlo to take my hand this night and to lead me to you, to lead me within your arms for it is he who brought me.’

Our Lord says, “Yes, my son, I have united your heart to his heart in this mission of love for the hearts and redemption of my children. He shall assist you as you desire and as you call upon him, he shall be present.

Do not be afraid, but take his hand and continue to unite his heart to your heart through me, for he loves you so as I love you. And you shall see new dawns rising through his intercession and prayers for your heart; new dawns of my love and mercy for my children,

I also desire that he be sanctified eternally in being made a saint of my holy love, and of the power of my Cross through his love for the Holy Eucharist.

Yes, he shall intercede with my mother in helping you and you shall see great miracles through him.”

‘I believe, I have faith, I have hope and I love God. Thank you, my Lord, and thank you, Blessed Carlo, for assisting me.’

Bl. Carlo says, “Yes, my son, I am with you and I shall speak to your heart for all that is good, pure and true in the love of God, in leading you to Jesus each day. For I shall stand beside you and I shall lead you within his heart and within his arms, through the holy Eucharist, where I am always present, adoring him with the souls in heaven.

For the souls on earth, my heart is united to God our Father and the Holy Trinity, for greater peace throughout the world, and for the salvation of souls in need of the love of Jesus and are suffering in their loneliness.

My son, let me lead you to Jesus each day and continue your path to master the media as I first told you, always with the focus of loving him, with the focus of leading souls to God.

Yes, my son, listen to my heart and to my words for they shall ring pure and true.”

Our Lord finishes by saying, “My child, I love you. Rest now and I shall carry you within the arms of the angel of mercy that I sent to your heart this night.”

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