Message of April 22 2023

Message of April 22 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of April 22 2023

Message of April 22 2023-  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

The path is narrow

 I am now having a vision of Jesus. He is standing on a small mount that is brilliant green, covered with grass that appears smooth and perfectly cut. He is not standing on the tip of this mount but six or eight feet (two to two and one-half meters) below. Jesus is dressed in the purity of white, the purity of the faith and pointing strongly with his right arm extended in one direction. I do not know whether it is north or south or east or west. But my discernment of the vision is that he is pointing northward in the Spirit of faith.

 Jesus says, “My dear child, yes, you understand the meaning of the vision, that the path is narrow and it takes great strength for one to walk the truth of the light of the path, my way of life eternal.

My dear child, let your heart sing of the mercy of this path of love, where you may rejoice in giving your heart to me each day to follow the truth of the light that shall strengthen and guide you in my mercy.

Yes, my dear child, follow the path of the joy of the light each day that you may give thanks to our Father for all that he is giving you, and in all things created pure and true from his heart.

I hold my arm strong and high without fail and without tiring for all of my children to seek and follow the path of the light, to seek and follow me, their Savior.”

‘My Lord, I love you. Come and take me and let me be led by your path of joy each day.’

 Our Lord responds, “My son, rejoice, rejoice in the name of the Lord in the voice that is instilled within you from within my heart to your heart, and to give great love to your brothers and sisters.

As we speak, the power of the Spirit knows no bounds. It is the power of the light that penetrates all space and time to penetrate hearts in my mercy. Go forth in the spirit of my love, for nothing is impossible for God, nothing is impossible for me, your Savior.

I shall repeat these words to lift your eyes to heaven for the glory and hope of my Father’s heart, you within him and he within you.”

Yes, walk into the power of the light

 Our Lord and Savior says, “My dear child, sing, sing of the hope of my mercy this day. Sing of my love and the truth of all that is good.

Yes, sing a new song with me by taking my hand and in letting me lead you into the power of the light of heaven that now shines before you.

Yes, walk into the power of the light. Let it consume and penetrate your heart with every truth, divine and pure, with my hope and my strength. I am calling you and all of my children to live in the light.”

My Lord, it is beautiful, filled with different colors. I can feel the light passing through me. O holy and eternal love, grant me your blessing this day for a deeper faith in all things fulfilled by the joy of your heart.”

This is the column of fire that rises through the waters of my mercy

Our Lord says, “My dear child, yes, come and take my hand. I am waiting for you.”

Jesus is now appearing before me along the shore of our vast oceans individually defined by name but united in the flow of their waters throughout the whole world.

 He looks at me and smiles and says, “Go now, begin to prepare your trip, begin to prepare your mission of love and I shall lead you.

Yes, go now, my heart is yours. I have given you a great gift and the gifts of the hearts of my people that I desire you hold within your heart.”

A column of fire rises from the water. It rises and rises to the heavens and a  flood of souls within the fire, from purgatory, rise within it; they are being freed, taken to heaven. ‘Oh, oh, my God. Lord, I shall stay with you to witness this great glory.’

 Jesus continues, “My son, this is the column of fire that rises through the waters of my mercy to heal and cleanse souls. Now those souls from purgatory are ascending to heaven in my love.

I love you and give witness to this message that my mercy is greater than any sin and my hope is renewed eternally within the hearts of all souls in heaven and on earth.”

He only loves

 Silent night, holy night. All is calm and, thank God, all is bright. In the silence of the beauty of the night, he comes to me in all His majesty divine and true, in all his humanness, compassionate with great understanding. He only loves. He is our Savior. He only encourages and brings joy to one’s heart.

 My Lord, hear my cries for the suffering, for the pains, of those who are in need of your mercy. Yes, hear my cries for the goodwill of your children. I want nothing for me, only to love, to love you, and to love them, to rejoice in the simple and beauty of creation, to see you in all things, to see you everywhere in all people.

 Oh, my Lord, protect me from those who say they love me but do not always have the best intention for me. For I love them and intentions, good or bad, do not supersede the forgiveness of love and of your mercy. Teach me to love more, to be more in love, to give my heart to you in love each day.’

 I am now having a vision of Jesus rising from the earth with fire surrounding him. He is holding a cross. It is made of gold. It symbolizes the power of the resurrection to begin a new day, to walk in love, and for His loving mercy to be poured upon the world.

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