Message of April 2 2021

Message of April 2 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of April 2 2021

Message of April 2 2021 –  Message from our Lord Jesus

My dear child, come to Me this day, come into the arms of your Savior and find your peace in Me, in the joy and the power of my Holy Sacrifice, of the power of my passion, the power of my blood, the blood of all life and the power of all life to purify you, to sustain you and to guide you in my mercy.

I am with you my child and all of my children who desire to offer their hearts and to return to Me, at the foot of the Cross daily, to repent and receive my mercy, through my glorious love that redeems and offers hope to every soul.

Yes, come to Me, come to Me my love, allow Me to console you to guide you and strengthen you in all things.


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