Message of April 17 2023

Message of April 17 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of April 17 2023

Message of April 17 2023 –  Messages of Our Lady

Say the rosary each day

 Our Lady says, “My dear child, I desire that you say the rosary each day for the commitment of God’s love. For through the power of the rosary, you shall grow in strength and in wisdom through the humility of prayer.”

Entrust your heart to Jesus

 Mother Mary says, “My dear child, I love my children and I always desire what is best for them. I know their hearts and I desire to bring them peace.

Yes, let your heart sing of the peace of my son’s mercy. Give your hand to me this day and I shall lead you to the Cross, to the hope of all that is good.

Rest now and entrust your heart to Jesus.”

Mother, what do you feel on this day of Divine Mercy?

 ‘Mother, what do you feel on this day of Divine Mercy?’

The Mother of God, our mother, says, “My dear child, our Father gave my son’s life for the redemption of the whole world. And I am calling all souls to love Jesus with all of their hearts, to offer to Jesus your hearts and souls each day, my dear children, that you may choose to live in the glory and light of the hope of the faith.

The world is in need of hope through God’s mercy. The world is in need of a greater love through giving themselves to the mercy of Jesus.

Yes, my dear children, give your hearts to the mercy of Jesus and you shall be happy, for the love of my Son always purifies in his mercy to forgive

My son, you asked me how I feel on this Feast Day of Divine Mercy, and I say, I only feel great hope and joy for all that my son sacrificed himself for: the mercy and redemption, the salvation of sinners and for all of my children who are in need of the graces of my son’s love.”

I desire for them to be happy in God and with God

 ‘Mother, what do you want for your children?’

 Our Lady replies, “I want them only to love Jesus, to love God above all things, and to love each other. I want only love- the love of God for their hearts and to bring them hope, and through hope, peace and the desire to live a deeper faith.

Yes, I desire for them to be happy in God and with God.

Let your heart say the rosary now and receive me in my son’s mercy. I shall guide you beyond that which you have seen before, to take you in the heavenly light of God’s love.

Come now, let us rise together and receive his peace.”

When one has light, they have God

 Our Mother says, “My dear child when one has light, they have God, for he is the light and they have everything. Let your heart be consumed by the light this day, and allow my son to grant you the mercy of his love.”

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