Message of April 16 2022

Message of April 16 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of April 16 2022

Message of April 16 2022 –   Message of our Mother Mary- Jesus can help you.

My dearest child, on this eternal and Good Friday, I am calling all my children to receive the joy of my Son’s sacrifice, to receive his hope and redemption, to receive his peace for without his passion, death, and resurrection there would be no redemption, hope through healing and repentance would not exist.

Our Father offered himself and his Son to the living sacrifice of the Cross, united through the power of the Holy Spirit to redeem. Yes, my dear children, redemption is hope, redemption is peace.

Come and offer your hearts this day, come and offer your hearts eternally in hope to God the Father, God the Son and God, the Holy Spirit.

Oh, my dear children, I understand your sufferings and Jesus can help you, He can carry your burdens of hopelessness and fear, and discouragement to bring to life the conquers all darkness of the enemy.

Satan desires to conquer your hearts but the victory of this love shall never conquer those who desire through faith, hope and love, through calling upon the gifts of faith, hope and love each day to be redeemed and to transform your hearts in every circumstance of your life, to bring peace.

 I, your Mother, your Lady of the Light of Hope and Queen of Peace, desire this for all of my children.

As a good Mother, I desire only good things and I, your Lady of hope, bring them in this message in the name of Jesus.

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