Message of April 16 2021

Message of April 16 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of April 16 2021

Message of April 16 2021 –  Message from our Lord Jesus

Yes, my dear child as I once said If you believe thorough the joy of the strength of my love, you shall accomplish greater things and I in my mercy and in my hope for my children all that you must do is open your heart, and in every word that you speak through and in Me shall be a word of light.

I shall open the doors in my mercy, the doors of my love. Yes, my dear child began a new and do not look to the past but live in the present and rise in the hope of my love each day.

One cannot change the past but one can change each moment in the new day in of life by seeking first the kingdom of God. I love you, find your strength in Me each day and offer that strength to others most in need of my mercy.

I love you and I am always with you.

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