Message of April 14 2022

Message of April 14 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of April 14 2022

Message of April 14 2022 – Message of our Blessed Mary- Rejoice

Yes, my dear child, rejoice, allow me to lead you into the light of my Son’s mercy, allow me to lead you home this day. Satan does not desire for you to live; he is attempting to hold you back in every way.

Now is the time, now is the day to return home to be with your family. He desires to place you in bondage as he does all my children, remember that you are a child of the light and God is always with you to help you and to lead you in his mercy.

You have experienced many attacks, you have faced many battles and I desire to continue to persevere in this race of faith. Do not allow the enemy to discourage you, to bind your thoughts.

Yes, listen to my Heart for this message is also a message for all my children.

My dear child, you have me and Jesus, and our Father through the power of the Holy Spirit in a very special way but think about those who are lost and feel alone and afraid that do not open their hearts, their ears, in faith and in prayer to receive Jesus.

I am with you.

Yes, continue to rejoice, let your soul rejoice, give thanks to God who has done great things for you and in his mercy is always present.

I love you. Continue to rise in the courage of love, the courage of the faith and make your heart strong in Jesus.

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