Joy from the love of God

Joy from the love of God

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Joy from the love of God

2) Find JOY in everyday challenges by knowing that Jesus is with you

My dear children: I love you, I love each one of you so dearly and when you are feeling most sad and afraid, I desire that you place all of your trust in Me, that you place all of your burdens within the eternal garden of my Sacred Heart  that you may be restored to my graces and receive the blessings of my love each day.

This shall bring you joy, the joy of trusting in me, the joy of loving me, the joy of being fulfilled by Me and allowing me to fulfill your lives in all things. 

Know that the power of the faith, the power of my love is the power of joy within your heart, the joy that I desire to give you through the practice of your faith, through reading my words of light, through living and being obedient to my example, through knowing and trusting that I am always with you and that you shall never be overcome by the sorrows of this world. 

Know that my joy shall give you strength and it shall give you peace and by seeking Me, by seeking to be loved by Me, by trusting in Me you shall always receive the joy in my heart that I desire to give you, this shall be your strength. 

Yes, satan does not desire that you trust in me, that you trust in my merciful love and the power of my Spirit to console, to guide and to sustain you each day, to grant you the wisdom of the light, for he desires to keep you in the darkness of despair and sadness.

 Know that I overcame death, know that I am light and the joy of my resurrection is always with you to give you hope in the new miracle of life each day, in the miracle of love, peace and joy that I desire to offer you. Trust in Me, my dear children; trust in Me always, your eternal Light and Prince of peace.

My dear children my eternal joy is like a river of light for your souls, to bring you peace, to bring you happiness, to purify your hearts through trusting more deeply in Me each day, to guide and sustain you through the power of the Holy Spirit; to guide and sustain youin the holy light of my love by living my example and according to the joy and hope, the promises of my word which are life and light for your souls that overcome all darkness and despair and sadness. 

I know your hearts my dear children, trust in Me, trust in my mercy, trust in my love, this shall fulfill you each day; this shall sustain you through the most difficult challenges, problems and sorrows of life. 

Walk in peace my dear children, walk in my love, know that I am always with you and I shall never abandon you. I, your Savior of light and of the cross of the holy resurrection overcame all darkness to bring you peace, and the gift of salvation and the joy of knowing salvation through me, your loving Savior.

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Joy from the love of God