Fear does not come from God

Fear does not come from God

Fear does not come from God

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Fear does not come from God

1) Fear does not come from God:

It times of Covid, how to confront uncertainty and learn not to live in fear

My dear child: I love you, I love you and I am calling you and your brothers throughout the world to receive the eternal joy and light of my mercy. My mercy that frees one from the bondages of fear, despair and hopelessness especially in these times of the pandemic when my Father is calling all souls to transform their heart through a deeper faith, to live in a deeper peace of conversion.

Fear, my child, it is not real and one must not trust in their emotions but trust in Me. I once said “fear not, for I am always with you and that love casts out all fear through the eternal light of my mercy.”

I desire to offer all souls my compassionate consolation of hope, hope in the peace of the faith; I desire to bring hope to all of my children so in need, especially those who live in fear and despair, I’m calling them to trust in Me, to place their trust in the eternal light of the promises of my Word, to sustain and guide them through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Satan desires to use fear, to deceive the hearts of my children, he desires to use fear to close one ‘s heart and then you will not trust in Me to provide you with my graces and blessings.

Pray, pray, pray for courage and strength each day, pray for the eternal light of my love turn in your hearts, for I am love and when one experiences love, they experience my presence within their hearts.

Love my dear child, focus on loving me. I desire this for all of my children. For loving me, they will not be deceived by the fears placed upon them by the enemy.

I love you, I love you and may the eternal light of my Cross, and the power my resurrection, that overcomes all darkness and despair, to bring light and joy and hopegive you peace.

My dear child I love you, may the eternal light of my love fill your heart with peace this day, the peace of my mercy, the peace of my hope through the power of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The presence of my love within your heart and the hearts of my children throughout the world who are so in need of my mercy and compassion especially in these times of the pandemic. I am calling all of my children to rise beyond their fears and to trust in the promise and hope of my Mercy.

The hope of my love, the hope of my peace, by placing all of your burdens within my heart, all of your cares, your fears, your despairs my dear children; your feelings of hopelessness.

When I am the one true hope, and when you seek me you find me, when you seek peace, you find peace in me, your prince of peace, your eternal prince of love.

For Satan desires to use fear to tempt your heart, that you may not trust in Me, and that you may feel a sense of hopelessness but do not trust in your emotions. Trust in Me through your faith my dear children; trust in all that is good and continue to believe that all this is good.

Continue to have hope in what is good and pure and true for your heart, living according to my will. This shall give you peace, according to my Word, according to my example and the promises of the light of my word to sustain you each day.

May the eternal light of my love to give you peace. And trust my dear children, trust in my dear Father’s love for you, that you may experience a greater peace without fear and always have hope in your eternal and living Savior at the cross.

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Fear does not come from God